Thursday, 29 November 2007

The fear that governs

From SIOE Holland

Abdelmajid Khiroun, a member of a Dutch muslim council, regrets the fact that Wilders is making a film about the quran. "We fear the worst if this becomes reality, then the boys in the street shall have the last word and we can't stop them. Look what happens in France".

Geert Wilders: "it's a horrible and fascist book that inspires people until this very day to perform horrible acts"

Since Wilders has gone public about the film he is making about the similarities between quran and Mein Kampf, or in other words; between islam and fascism, politics in Den Haag has come to a full stop, as expected.

Just when everybody seemed to have forgotten all about Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, just when all things are nice and quiet again, Wilders comes out with his announcement about his film. His plan is to release the film in Januariy 2008. It will be shown on both television and the internet.

The Dutch Government says it is concerned about the reactions in the Netherlands and in foreign countries. What the Government means is, they fear reactions of muslims in Holland and in islamic states. This proves Wilders’s point. Fear is governing Holland.

The minister of internal affairs, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of justice all pointed out to Wilders the possibility of repercussions. Our Government accepts freedom of speech to be inferior to repercussions that the film might trigger. The Government should be fighting the possibility of repercussions instead of warning Wilders.

The minister of justice said: "Wilders is free to express his opinion, but he also has a responsibility which he can't deny". Well, the only one who isn't denying his responsibility to the people is Wilders by making his movie about the dangers of islam. The lack of responsibility is a job better to be left to the Dutch Government. Instead they bend out of fear.

It would however put a crown on the Dutch Government if they made it absolutely clear that no attack to our freedom of speech shall be accepted. But this shall never be the case. Every time the Dutch Government fails to do so, they insult the Dutch people.

Revealing the historically proven truth can never be the cause of insult. It's time to unmask islam and its dark purposes. It is the peoples’ right to know which danger our Government allows to exist within Holland’s borders.

The chairman of the Dutch muslim council regrets the fact this movie is being made. He fears the worst when this film shall be shown to the public. "Our boys in the street shall have the last words", he says. This remark can be considered to be the first threat.

Because his veiled threats of riots as happened in France, this man should be arrested.

What we need in Holland is a Government that protects rather than cowers as dhimmis.
Note from SIOE

The lid is likely to blow off the pressure cooker very soon unless our politicians start listening to the reasonable people who support SIOE. If ordinary people are ignored and left unprotected then the situation will be taken over by extremists who will make so-called muslim extremists look like teddy bears, whether they are named Mohammed or not. Why did people like Abdelmajid Khiroun come to Holland? Was it because he admires European democracy and free speech or was it because he seeks to impose sharia law on the non-muslim population? His comments suggest it is the latter.

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les.w said...

This film (when made, and assuming it to be factual and not a distortion) should be shown on British T.V. - although I can't see the left dominated, appeasing BBC being brave enough - perhaps channel 4 could be persuaded to show it.