Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Libel terrorism

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then join or donate to SIOE because we cannot Stop Islamisation Of Europe without money.

SIOE is up against the billions of petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia and other gulf states which fund mosque building in Europe.

Reportedly almost half the mosques in England have been "infiltrated" by "radical extremists".

SIOE does not accept the term "radical extremist" because the evidence points to exactly the opposite.

Firstly, "moderate" Muslims have allowed their mosques to be taken over by "radical extremists". This can only have been done with the approval of the Muslims attending the mosques which have been taken over. If the majority of Muslims attending those mosques are "moderate" then they would have stopped the "radical extremists" from taking over. It is too late to start changing matters only after it has been exposed in the media.

Secondly, 61% of British muslims want sharia law which clearly indicates that a majority want the Islamisation of England, let alone Britain and Europe. This fact confirms SIOE's belief expressed above about "radical extremists" and "moderate Muslims".

SIOE believes that there are only Muslims and those who wish to leave Islam, but are fearful of doing so because of the resulting death sentence demanded by sharia law (that 61% of British Muslims want).

SIOE believes that the remaining 39% are either practising taqiyya and kitman or wish to leave Islam. The caviat "so long as the penalties did not contravene British law" is merely another example of taqiiya and kitman, and is meaningless because sharia law is sharia law. Nobody would accept an English person living in Saudi Arabia saying they want English law to apply in Saudi Arabia "so long as the penalties did not contravene sharia law," least of all an Imam - who is the prosecutor, judge and jury in sharia law.

No sharia here!


flychek said...


flychek said...

This link is crucial in our fight against the scum. Written by an ex- muslim who gives vital information on how to deal effectively with their threat.


Stephen Gash said...

The link doesn't work flychek. Not even for the homepage. Has the site been taken down?

oderintdummetuant said...

we must join forces against evil, outlaw sharia law. I dont want my little girls being stoned because she wears makeup