Sunday, 2 December 2007

Stop the demonizing of Geert Wilders

Islamists and their dhimmi allies who oppose Geert Wilders want to stop him and are assembling a counter movement. Mohammed Sini, the chairman of the foundation of islam and citizenship is planning to build this movement. "This is definitely going to happen. I also call on to all muslims to stay calm and to accept that the are being insulted" he said today in the Telegraaf. "Wilders is evil and evil has to be stopped".

The anti-Wildersmovement will organize a demo some time in January. Several Dutch organizations are supporting this initiative, even Amnesty International. The demo is likely to be held at the same time that Geert Wilders' movie is released.

Because of this news SIOE Nederland has decided to act. The opinion of SIOE Nederland is this initiative against Geert Wilders is indescribably grubby. We all know what this will lead to.

Yet again the political climate is shaped to ensure that political murder is acceptable.

Being reasonable seemingly has no effect on our politicians. All we see is our freedom and democracy being eroded. The people of Holland and the whole of Europe must now make a stand and we will make a stand against the foes of freedom. If reasonableness means appeasing oppression then the time for reasonableness may have passed.

We call upon everybody to take part in an action that SIOE Nederland is preparing.

Unlike previous SIOE events, in this action everything will be allowed, except:

-Swastikas, hammers and sickles and racist symbols and chants which as always are all banned

This action will be a European one. SIOE International and all representative countries shall hook up.

Everybody with common sense should attend our action.

Place, date and time will be announced in time due through our websites.


Jahira said...

Who is Geert Wilders?
He looks rather strange, is it a wig?

LeeSouthend said...

Geert Wilders webpage in English.
Hes a Dutch MP on the following Commities Foreign Affairs
Intelligence and Security Services
European Affairs
Presidium and is an outspoken critic of Islam.
Hope this helps LeeSouthend :)

Ray Boyd said...

Well, I look forward to his film. Having said that there's been a lot of fuss about a 10 minute film that's going on YouTube. sniff .. I make them all the time and there's never any fuss.

Grimbold12 said...

The mass immigration of Muslims into Europe means they are importing the hellish cultures of the hellish countries they fled. The only Europeans that don't want to throw out Islam and the Muslims are those who are blind to the destruction of everything we love and cherish . Read the Koran! It is a fashist fantasy filled with hate orders to murder !

Bill said...

I would like to vote for Geerk wilders for Pres. of the US. Like the Netherlands We have an Identity, but we are relinquishing it to Illegals from many countries. The Muslims are demanding their religion is to be promoted, the Latinas are demanding their culture be promoted. Neither understand the conservitive freedom which made this country.

Chris said...

Thank you Geert Wilders.

Chris said...

Thank you.

John Howard said...

I was privileged to watch Fitna before it was pulled. Notwithstanding some publishing errors, the reaction of the film's opponents proves the film is generally true

Frank said...

Thank you "Geert Wilders" for the brave stand and position you have taken.
Its so sad & sickening to see that you are alone striving so hard to make the blind & dumb see.

You are the voice of millions of dumb cowards like me. Its not easy what you are doing but i believe you have seen the future by the way true prophets do not fear to speak.