Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Injured SIOE colleague speaks

Our Danish SIOE colleague who was injured alongside Anders Gravers and fellow SIOE members speaks about the attack and the state of democracy in Denmark and Europe

Freedom has many enemies who ally with one another to stifle those who defend free speech and democracy. Our enemies cannot defeat us by argument alone and, therefore, resort to violence, even attempted murder, to prevent us from stopping totalitarianism (especially in its nastiest form, the theocratic despotism known as Islamism).

Such a violent stategy merely shows that those who wish to take the world back to the stoning age have already lost.

We are grateful to our brave colleague in this video and the many like him who believe our democracy is worth defending


Jay said...

This guy is very brave

flychek said...

I agree he is a bave man and shows a calm dignity and even compassion for his attackers. This guy is an inspiration.