Friday, 23 November 2007

Press release for Marseilles demonstration


Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) is holding a demonstration in Marseilles on Saturday 8th December 2007.

No more mosques in the European Union until we see churches, temples and synagogues in Mecca

The date is the closest Saturday to Saint Nicholas Day, which is widely celebrated in Southern France.

As in other European cities, a large mosque is planned to be built in Marseilles, which

SIOE considers being just one example of the many tactics used in the Islamisation of Europe.

It is known that many Islamist projects are funded by Saudi Arabia, which forbids any other religion within its borders.

While mosques are being built in EU countries non-Muslim places of worship are being destroyed in Turkey which aspires to join the EU.

SIOE opposes Turkey and other Islamic countries joining the EU even if they are within the European continent.

The European Union proclaims itself to be a bastion of freedom and tolerance and claims such principles should extend beyond the borders of this “Union of nations”.

Instead we see an encroachment of Islamism on our ways of life with no reciprocity in Islamic countries, which are increasingly gravitating towards the kinds of Islamist philosophies we see in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Non-Islamic religious artefacts are regularly destroyed or vandalised in Islamic countries.

Bridge building does not only mean allowing Islamic countries to fund the dumping of mosques, often huge ones, all over Europe.

It also means Islamic countries encouraging Hindu and Buddhist temples, synagogues, churches and other non-Islamic places of worship within their own borders.

European politicians should be demanding this instead of fruitlessly appeasing theocratic despots.

The SIOE Marseilles demonstration is to peacefully protest against the large mosque planned for the city being built.

FOOTNOTE Today 23rd November the Mayor of Marseilles has "handed over the keys of the mosque", which means permission has been granted to build it.

Contact details

Anders Gravers
SIOE Denmark

Tel 0045 9677 1784
00456191 6026

Stephen Gash
SIOE England

Tel 0044 (0)1228 547317

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