Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Boycott the Maldives

The Phillipine government caves in to Kalifascism by surrending to Nazislam terrorism. That is what feeble governments do with an Islamist minority.

When in a majority, Nazislamists trat the kuffars as Islamists have always done, as no-class citizens. This is certainly the case with the Maldives Islamic special majlis (constitutional assembly) which has passed an amendment stating "none, except Muslims can be Maldivian citizens".

Enough is enough!

We went to war to combat this sort of thing and endured the Cold War to halt totalitarianism in its tracks.

The double standards must be stopped and the only way we will stop this kind of thing is to confront Islamism not to appease it. If we had appeased communism we would be already living in the East German style of totalitarian state that our EU politicians are aspiring to at the moment.

So text a couple of your friends about SIOE and get them to do the same, with a message to join or donate to SIOE.

Make no mistake we are in a war to save our democracy and way of life. We have already seen violent action in several parts of Europe. Our politicians are giving more and more away to Islamists while in Islamic countries non-Muslims are systematically persecuted.

Any European who holidays in an Islamic country seriously needs to reconsider their values. By taking a vacation in a place like the Maldives or Turkey, you are merely supporting persecution.

Support us and Stop Islamisation Of Europe, otherwise as non-Muslims you will more likely than not have your citizenship revoked.


avas said...

"Boycott the Maldives"
Boycott you self mate
have good day

aniya said...

When Parwez throws a peoples elected gov and supports USA, its democratic,
but when Maldives makes an ammendent in its long standing constitution, its islamism...
when a jew keeps his beard its religious, when a muslim does is extrimism, come on y dont u stop talking from 2 mouths... god has given u one mouth and 2 ears for a reason,

Stephen Gash said...

When Jews put a bounty on an author's head for writing a book about Judaism I'll take some notice of what you say.
There is plenty of criticism in Europe about Mushareff. That is the point. We can boot out governments via elections. An imam can't be removed

About said...

A boycott might be in order.

There has already been one bomb targeting non-Muslims - what next? How will the people of the Maldives act, in their brand new Islamic Republic?

What Islamic country that doesn’t have oil – function properly? For all those arguing against – why are there so many, many Islamic immigrants and refugees coming to the West?

First they enter with a begging bowl, and then they try to take over the place.

Refugee with eye on the throne!