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The Europeans showed their respect for Theo van Gogh

On the 2nd of november SIOE remembered Theo Van Gogh , who died on the barricades of this new struggle between modern liberal values and a medieval doctrine opposing it.

Theo wasn´t always diplomatic in his expressions, often he was rude and provoking , but always honest in venting what he felt was needed to be said.

Little did he know that in Holland in the 21st century one could meet jihad on his path for making programs,articles , movies that criticise an ideology that has refused to evolve or indeed go trough its age of reason.

Unlike what apologetes and neo-negationists will try to feed your mind: Mohammed B., Theo´s killer was not “one of a kind”

A disturbed individual?…yes , a psychopat?…very likely,an accident or a coincidence?… not by a long shot.

Mohammed B. is the fruit of a system created by the ones who decided to tolerate the intolerable, who even feed young muslims who have trouble finding jobs or finding their place in western society the idea that western society itself is the cause for their failure, that “making the intolerant western society more tolerant” will solve their problems.

When people in an identity crisis, with a major inferiority complex hear the same song from our dear politicians that their imam and their quran sings…

When noone tells them that to understand the “other” one should first look within oneself , and that “western society” can´t be the root of all evil when millions come from all over the world to take part in it and learn to love it…except if they are a part of the religion of peace…

Then it becomes very easy to turn ones anger towards the person who actually dares say what others maliciously refuse to see/say.

Theo was such a person…

Therefore SIOE decided to pay hommage to Theo , not to “use his name as publicity” as some bloggers suggested -you know who you are-

And not with a big bang because Theo himself wasn´t a big fan of hommages and commemorations.

Instead SIOE chose to lay flowers and hold a minute of silence at his memorial statue in Amsterdam and small vigils at the Dutch embassies throughout Europe.

In Holland there was a minute of silence at the statue erected to commemorate Theo Van Gogh , afterwards the crowd went on to speakers corner in the Oosterpark where speeches were held.

SIOE Holland wants to thank all the people who have taken the time to be there with them and especially the people who gave speeches at speakers corner.

SIOE also wants to thank Ehsan jami for being there and supporting SIOE.

More pictures can be found here

It is of the utmost importance that people like Theo are not forgotten, who they were,what they stood for,why they were murdered…

Because for every Theo there are 10 liars that will tell you nothing is happening,nothing is wrong,nothing is brewing in your backyard…go back to sleep…

Except if you try and question that dogma… then your eyes suddenly open….or forever close….

Flowers were handed over in Germany at the consulates of Hamburg, Koln, Dresden, Munich and Frankfurt.

A commemoration for Theo van Gogh was held in front of The Dutch embassy in Copenhagen on the 2nd November the day he was killed 3 years ago.

A commemoration for one of the greatest advocates of the freedom of expression.

The freedom of expression that most of us take for granted, but Theo van Gogh
payed with his life for using it! when a cowardly islamist slaughtered him in the street in Amsterdam in 2004.

We will remember Theo van Gogh for his ability as a human being and for his plain and straightforward nature.

As an advocate of women and men’s equal rights and for his intrepid use of one of the most important signs that shows that people live in freedom: The freedom of expression

People from all over Denmark, Jutland, Funen and Zealand remembered Theo van
In Belgium a delegation of SIOE Belgiƫ (Flemish) and SIOE Belgique (French) handed over flowers and a plaque at the Dutch embassy in Brussels.

In England a vigil was held in front of the embassy in London

After initially been willing to receive flowers to commemorate Theo, the Dutch embassy then declined. However, a candlelit vigil was held outside the embassy, dignified by a minutes silence. After words of remembrance, flowers were tied to the embassy railings.

In Norway “SOS.YTRINGSFRIHET - I FARE “ (SOS.FREEDOM OF SPEECH - IN DANGER) held a commemoration for Theo van Gogh outside the dutch embassy in Oslo. The duch ambassador came out and greeted the participants and were grateful for the respect that was shown for their fellow countryman. SIOE Norge

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