Saturday, 17 November 2007

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Dear Patron of The Religion of Peace website,

We have received multiple requests for recategorization of the website It appears these requests were sent out to a number of other Internet Filtering companies as well, which have grouped our categorization of the website in with theirs. To clarify, we do not have this website categorized as Racism nor Hate. We have it categorized as Violence in our database.

Per our posted criteria, which can be found here , we clearly state that we do not categorize News sites that have violent content, except in graphic examples. The photos on the landing page of The Religion of Peace are what would be considered graphic examples.

The categorization for could be re-considered if the site grouped graphic violent images into one directory that could be labeled as Violence instead, (for example, This would enable us to place the root domain of in as Politics, if appropriate. Should a customer wish to permit the viewing of this site within their organization, our product would allow that through the use of a custom block rule, and so permit a customer to adapt their Acceptable Network Usage Policy.

For ease of reference, we've included our criteria for the Violence category below. At this point, the site will remain in the Violence category. If you are a customer and would like your users to have access to the site, simply allow it in your Custom Categorization tool or contact your Network Administrator.


Portraying, describing or advocating physical assault against humans, animals, or institutions
Depictions of torture, mutilation, gore, or horrific death
Advocating, encouraging, or depicting self-endangerment, or suicide, including through eating disorders or addictions
Instructions, recipes or kits for making bombs or other harmful or destructive devices
Sites promoting terrorism
Excessively violent sports or games (including video & online games)
NOTE: We do not block news, historical, or press incidents that may include the above criteria (except in graphic examples).

The swiftest way to contact the Threat Analysis team for the review of websites, is through the Test-A-Site / Submit-A-Site webpage which can be found off of the home page. Alternatively, one can use the link .

We greatly appreciate your concern and for taking the time to write in.

Sincere Regards,


SurfControl Division


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