Thursday, 29 November 2007

The fear that governs

From SIOE Holland

Abdelmajid Khiroun, a member of a Dutch muslim council, regrets the fact that Wilders is making a film about the quran. "We fear the worst if this becomes reality, then the boys in the street shall have the last word and we can't stop them. Look what happens in France".

Geert Wilders: "it's a horrible and fascist book that inspires people until this very day to perform horrible acts"

Since Wilders has gone public about the film he is making about the similarities between quran and Mein Kampf, or in other words; between islam and fascism, politics in Den Haag has come to a full stop, as expected.

Just when everybody seemed to have forgotten all about Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, just when all things are nice and quiet again, Wilders comes out with his announcement about his film. His plan is to release the film in Januariy 2008. It will be shown on both television and the internet.

The Dutch Government says it is concerned about the reactions in the Netherlands and in foreign countries. What the Government means is, they fear reactions of muslims in Holland and in islamic states. This proves Wilders’s point. Fear is governing Holland.

The minister of internal affairs, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of justice all pointed out to Wilders the possibility of repercussions. Our Government accepts freedom of speech to be inferior to repercussions that the film might trigger. The Government should be fighting the possibility of repercussions instead of warning Wilders.

The minister of justice said: "Wilders is free to express his opinion, but he also has a responsibility which he can't deny". Well, the only one who isn't denying his responsibility to the people is Wilders by making his movie about the dangers of islam. The lack of responsibility is a job better to be left to the Dutch Government. Instead they bend out of fear.

It would however put a crown on the Dutch Government if they made it absolutely clear that no attack to our freedom of speech shall be accepted. But this shall never be the case. Every time the Dutch Government fails to do so, they insult the Dutch people.

Revealing the historically proven truth can never be the cause of insult. It's time to unmask islam and its dark purposes. It is the peoples’ right to know which danger our Government allows to exist within Holland’s borders.

The chairman of the Dutch muslim council regrets the fact this movie is being made. He fears the worst when this film shall be shown to the public. "Our boys in the street shall have the last words", he says. This remark can be considered to be the first threat.

Because his veiled threats of riots as happened in France, this man should be arrested.

What we need in Holland is a Government that protects rather than cowers as dhimmis.
Note from SIOE

The lid is likely to blow off the pressure cooker very soon unless our politicians start listening to the reasonable people who support SIOE. If ordinary people are ignored and left unprotected then the situation will be taken over by extremists who will make so-called muslim extremists look like teddy bears, whether they are named Mohammed or not. Why did people like Abdelmajid Khiroun come to Holland? Was it because he admires European democracy and free speech or was it because he seeks to impose sharia law on the non-muslim population? His comments suggest it is the latter.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Be a part of history! Join the SIOE demonstration in Marseille the 8th of December.

SIOE now has permission from the police to hold the demonstration in Marseilles on the 8th of December.

The location is: 2 rue Henri Barbusse á Marseille (1er)
Time: 13.00 hrs

Be a part of history!

Participate in the Marseilles demonstration against the building of the biggest mosque in Europe!

Last Tuesday the mayor John Claude Gaudin symbolically gave the keys for the mosque to Sheik Nordine who represents muslims in Marseilles. “This is an historic moment.
Muslims have been in suspense for more than one century and now we finally have permission to build our mosque.

We just need to collect 8 million Euros to build the big mosque of more than 2.400 m2, where the prayer room can contain 2000 persons.

That’s what the 200.000 muslims in Marseilles have waited for,” Sheik Nordine said.

SIOE is opposing the building of mosques on European soil until the main Shia and Sunni countries allow the building of Buddhist- and Hindu temples, synagogues and Christian churches in Mecca and Teheran.

Warning: Europe Facing Extinction

There is little doubt that our climate here in Europe, has over the last 50 years been undergoing some drastic changes. Indeed all around the world extremes in global weather patterns are causing misery with catastrophic droughts, floods, and Hurricanes. All the while the arguing goes on as to who or what is to blame? Scaremongering, delusion, political expedience, and educated facts are being daily churned out. There are those that are gathering every shred of evidence to support the belief that it is us and our actions that are driving these changes. Many believe if only we would stop doing what we are doing we can stop our descent into climate oblivion!

Others though are equally adamant that man has limited impact on a planet that is driven by major geological and cosmic forces. Human knowledge grows with every century, this knowledge gets refined, and that which was set in stone suddenly becomes defunct, so care needs to be exercised when people speak in absolutes!

We are only just coming to understand the roll our earth’s core plays in driving the planet with its central solid mass the size of the moon suspended in an ocean of molten elements. This engine has been running for millions of years influencing conditions on the earth, Sunspots, solar winds, and cosmic events all impact on earth; also any minor change in earths’ orbit of the Sun would cause dramatic change.

With the facts we see around us of climate problems, we should be asking how unprecedented is this? Is this a phenomenon of the 21st century?

Long before man chiselled flint into arrowheads the earth had gone through several cataclysmic climate changes, areas of the earth that are now under sea were once land. Fishing boats in our own North Sea regularly trawl up the bones of Bison, Mammoth, Rhinoceros and other plains animals. Between AD800 and 1300 the region of southern Greenland experienced a relative mild climate where trees and herbaceous plants grew, allowing farming of domestic animals.

The climate change in our northern hemisphere shifts from Glacial to interglacial, at the moment we are in the Holocene interglacial period the one prior to this was the Eemain period that began around 130,000 years ago, during this time forests spread north over what is now just tundra right up to North Cape which is well above the Artic circle. Hardwood trees such as Hazel and Oak grew as far north as Oulu Finland.

Abundant geological evidence exists that shows climate change is part of the forces shaping our planet; even archaeologists dealing with more recent timescales unearth clear evidence of shifts in climate patterns.

So climate change is normal and part of earth’s natural cycle, just because humans have bred in vast numbers and are populating every corner of our planet and that these climate changes are endangering our existence does not mean we can stop them.
If we had been around at the start of the last Ice age could any amount of climate change conferences or global initiatives have halted the ice sheets from covering a third of the planet?

It is one thing to be aware of the need to study climate change so as to best protect ourselves from its ravages; it is however deluded to believe we have the ability to tame our planet. There are far more immediate and truly global catastrophe’s now playing out that in the very near future could annihilate mankind.

Long before the climate changes our sea levels to the extent that they rise and sweep over Europe destroying our lives, we will have through ignorance and social myopia become extinct!

While the eyes of the world are focused on this “Cause Célèb” of doomsday scenarios everyone has turned a blind eye to that which is the real and present danger. If we don’t engage it now you won’t need to worry about damp proofing your houses for the coming storm.

The world may face a very unsure and dangerous 21st century from potential climate disasters, however there is a looming disaster that will engulf the whole world and the chances of avoiding it diminish with everyday our attention is so successfully distracted with Climate phobia!

The worlds’ climate is changing at an alarming rate, but everyone’s eyes are on the weather!

The coming storm

The foot soldiers of a new empire have already landed on the European continent, over 5 million in France more than 3 million in Germany with an estimated EU total of around 20 million.

How did this force so effectively neutralise all our national defences?

Our Western European societies in this 21st century have been structured in such away as would allow them to be overrun by an invading ideology. In no other period of time could this have happened, nations would have simply crushed the alien culture growing in their midst. But now constrained by a belief that all its citizens have equal rights, even if those rights allow their ideology to actively work for the downfall of the very nations that have allowed them room to grow and prosper.

The mantle of self-loathing that we as Europeans have been forced into wearing by our political masters has us falling over ourselves in appeasement to this evil belief. Just as in Islam the rape victim is viewed as guilty, so are our societies and us made to feel guilty when Muslims bomb us, and murder our citizens! They have so successfully twisted our leaders into dhimmitude that even after they have committed a barbaric atrocity against us, it is we that must feel guilty for making Muslims feel uncomfortable because of even daring to treat them with suspicion!

Islam as a world empire of religion is manoeuvring itself to takeover the world, look at your respective countries. See how Muslims and their religion have positioned themselves so that they are untouchable. Where we as the indigenous peoples are making all the concessions in this one sided relationship, and where every aspect of our lives must be changed to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. Now though, consider this not as your lone national problem but as a whole Europe wide surrender to these ground troops of the Islamic republic of Europe. Their avowed aim is to establish a Kalifate over all of us. Then these countries that were once our homelands will be theirs and we simply a tenant tolerated by the will of Islam.
When Muslims murder our citizens, when they bomb us, when they plot to carry out mass extermination, when they riot in our cities, when they demand we change our laws to suit them, when they demand we change our way of life to suit them, these are not the actions of peoples looking to be part of our nations as fellow citizens! These are the actions of invaders taking our countries from us bit by bit, every act a slice more of our lands until we are dispossessed!

The Bible talks of a time coming upon the earth where we will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast, just what that Beast is, is open to debate, but unless we take action now we will all wake up one day under the control of Islam and sharia law where our rights to buy, sell and survive will depend on its mark on us as an obedient dhimmi under their control.

The snake that is Islam.
For countless civilisations and generations people have viewed the snake and its forked tongue as the personification of deceit.
When people speak and try to cover their true agenda with lies we have the saying of “speaking with a forked tongue!”

Muslims and their religion blatantly lie to us the infidel with no fear of offending their religion and the god they worship. For their god actively commands them to deceive the infidel to advance the growth of Islam. They call it Al-Takeyya, which means they can lie through their teeth at anytime they feel it will benefit Islam.

Lie:1. Islam honours women.

The belief in Purdah keeps women isolated and covered from the gaze of men, this belief is all consuming among Muslim men, these men believe that if women are allowed out, there will be complete immorality and catastrophe.” This medieval attitude means that women in Pakistan are routinely beaten, burned by acid, and murdered by their husbands and families for nothing more than falling in love. Amazingly the men who commit these atrocities are not only unrepentant but openly proud: “It is honourable. There can be no higher honour than this anywhere.” This powerful and harrowing report from the BBC investigates the horror of women’s lives in the dying days of the 20th century. Disturbingly the situation is getting worse, as pressure for strict Sharia law gains political favour.

Lie:2. There is no compulsion in religion. Sura 2:256

Thinking people may ask, “If there are so many problems in the Islamic world why do so many re-main true to Islam?” It is true that many Muslims feel safe within their communities. Also, Muslims are continually told by their peers that Islam is a wonderful religion. But there is one factor which is often ignored by the western media; it is not safe for most Muslims to turn their backs on Islam. To the fanatical Muslim, anyone who gives up Islam must have done it because of insanity. Though Sura 2:256 states, there is ‘no compulsion in religion’, many have suffered the death penalty for leaving Islam as this is deemed apostasy.

Lie:3. Islam is a religion of peace.

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah…’”(Sahih Bukhari, 1:8:387).
After ten years of fighting Mohammed died in 632 A.D. The pattern had been established, after Mohammed’s death Muslim armies spread in all directions, including Europe. ‘The story begins around 650 C.E. with the first, unsuccessful siege of Constantinople, and continues with the invasion and occupation, sometimes for hundreds of years, of many European countries. Italy, Sicily, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Wallachia, Albania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, the Ukraine, and eastern and southern Russia were all battlefields where Islam conquered or was conquered in violent conflicts marked by cruelty, bloodlust, and a fearful loss of life, spread over considerably more than a thousand years.

Lie:4. The killing of an innocent is wrong.

The armies of Islam do not believe an infidel is innocent; you and your family are infidels. Our nations our cultures everything about us is against Allah, so how could we be covered by innocence?
So what can you expect when Islam rules Europe?

How were non Muslims treated in the past?
1. They cannot pass on the right of A Muslim but on the left
2. They cannot testify against Muslims in court of law.
3. They cannot ride a horse or a camel but only a donkey or a mule.
4. They should wear special costumes to be identified, when walking in the streets
5. They should wear tag in their neck as prove that they have paid their Taxes (Jizyah)
6. They cannot own any weapon to defend themselves.
7. They are not allowed to defend themselves ,i.e .if they were beaten by a Muslim, but they may try to cool him down
8. Religious celebrations in Public are not allowed, crosses in Public and on Churches are not allowed.
9. Their Houses and Shops should not be higher than Muslims but may be lower.
10. Preaching their beliefs is not allowed, touching The Koran or reading it, is prohibited
11. They should pay yearly Jizyah (non Muslims special taxes), these Taxes, should be paid in a festival, Muslims should remind them, that they are infidels, and slap them on their necks as a reminder.
12. Their Jobs should not be higher than Muslims, but only in necessity,(i.e) if they can not find Muslim to fill the Job
13. Children Of Muslims are encouraged to threw stones at them, when they walk in the streets
14. They are not allowed to build new churches or restore the old one
15. A Muslim should not be Punished (Executed) for killing Non-Muslims,
16. Any of these Laws broken they are subject to slavery, Jail, Execution and their wives, will be taken as concubines, and their children as slaves,

And today?
1. In the last two years, there has been an upsurge in anti-Christian violence, including fatal
attacks on churches and other Christian institutions. In September 2002, armed men killed seven people on the premises of a Christian charitable organization.

2. Three children were killed and 14 injured in a grenade attack on a Christian church in Chianwala village in Sialkot, in 2004.

3. In January 2004, a church compound that includes a Christian school for girls was bombed.

4. Also, in the same year, a Christian pastor was killed by “unknown assailants” and his family continues to be harassed.

5. Meanwhile, a pastor was killed in May 2004, after being held for five days inside an Islamic school, where he was reportedly tortured.

6. In most, if not all, these cases, police protection appears ineffective, and no one has yet been successfully prosecuted for these crimes. Perpetrators of attacks on religious minorities are seldom brought to justice.

7. Christian girls are repeatedly raped, molested and in some cases killed by Muslims. Although complaints have been registered with the police, the latter do not take effective action against the assailants.

8. Hundreds of Christian women go from house to house to clean their lawns,
toilets, cattle stables, and carry the garbage and human waste in the basket on their heads.
These women are treated inhumanely as they are considered members of the lower caste. They are like slaves to the Muslim masters.

9. These women and girls are often kidnapped, raped and made Muslims. Then they are married to the Muslim men. Whenever the parents or husbands of these women approach the Muslims to take their women back, the Muslim kidnappers and police authorities rebuke the Christians and tell them to go away.

10. The blasphemy laws have given a strong foothold to many of the Muslims to file false accusations against Christian minorities, which often results in their arrest and deaths while they are in police custody.


There are many militant groups like Laskar Jihad who burn churches and murder with impunity.

On Saturday 29th October a group of Christian school-girls in Indonesia were attacked, apparently by Islamic militants. Three were beheaded and a fourth was severely wounded.

At 7.00 a.m. the girls were making their way to their Christian school through a cocoa plantation, a mile from the village of Sayo, near Poso city, Central Sulawesi. They were set upon by a group of men who attacked them with machetes. Half an hour later the three decapitated bodies were discovered. Later in the morning one head was found outside a church, eight miles from the scene of the attack.

This is the reality; this was someone’s daughter. Her crime? She was an infidel!

They lie: “Killing of innocents wrong.” Lie
They Lie: “There is no compulsion in religion.” Lie
They Lie: “Islam honours women.” Lie
They Lie: “Islam is a religion of peace.” Lie

Stop The Islamisation of Europe!
You owe it to your family, your children and grandchildren. You owe it to your country!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hindus protest in Malaysia - so let's see Hindus in Marseilles

Indian protest rocks Malaysia ahead of polls

10,000 protesters defied tear gas and water cannon in a protest, called by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

"Malaysian Indians have never gathered in such large numbers in this way...," said organiser P. Uthaya Kumar.

"They are frustrated and have no job opportunities in the government or the private sector. They are not given business licences or places in university," he said, adding that Indians were also incensed by some recent demolitions of Hindu temples.

So it's the same old story then. An Islamic country knocking down non-Islamic religious buildings, just as Turkey is doing.

This seems to be the case across the world where Islamists are in control. Where they are not in control they seek to gain control by fear, intimidation and in many cases, such as England and Spain, outright terrorism.

So, if Hindus are fighting for their rights in Islamic countries, then Hindus are more than welcome to join the SIOE demonstration in Marseilles on 8th December.

Very little has been published in the Western media about the recent bombings in India. Hindu speakers are invited to highlight the plight of non-Muslims being terrorised in India and elswhere such as Nepal.

It is imperative for Hindus to attend not only this demonstration, but future ones so the extent and the effects of Islamism are brought to the world's attention.

Once again SIOE invites people from communities persecuted by Islamists to attend the Marseilles demonstration and future demonstrations.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Press release for Marseilles demonstration


Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) is holding a demonstration in Marseilles on Saturday 8th December 2007.

No more mosques in the European Union until we see churches, temples and synagogues in Mecca

The date is the closest Saturday to Saint Nicholas Day, which is widely celebrated in Southern France.

As in other European cities, a large mosque is planned to be built in Marseilles, which

SIOE considers being just one example of the many tactics used in the Islamisation of Europe.

It is known that many Islamist projects are funded by Saudi Arabia, which forbids any other religion within its borders.

While mosques are being built in EU countries non-Muslim places of worship are being destroyed in Turkey which aspires to join the EU.

SIOE opposes Turkey and other Islamic countries joining the EU even if they are within the European continent.

The European Union proclaims itself to be a bastion of freedom and tolerance and claims such principles should extend beyond the borders of this “Union of nations”.

Instead we see an encroachment of Islamism on our ways of life with no reciprocity in Islamic countries, which are increasingly gravitating towards the kinds of Islamist philosophies we see in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Non-Islamic religious artefacts are regularly destroyed or vandalised in Islamic countries.

Bridge building does not only mean allowing Islamic countries to fund the dumping of mosques, often huge ones, all over Europe.

It also means Islamic countries encouraging Hindu and Buddhist temples, synagogues, churches and other non-Islamic places of worship within their own borders.

European politicians should be demanding this instead of fruitlessly appeasing theocratic despots.

The SIOE Marseilles demonstration is to peacefully protest against the large mosque planned for the city being built.

FOOTNOTE Today 23rd November the Mayor of Marseilles has "handed over the keys of the mosque", which means permission has been granted to build it.

Contact details

Anders Gravers
SIOE Denmark

Tel 0045 9677 1784
00456191 6026

Stephen Gash
SIOE England

Tel 0044 (0)1228 547317

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Women can’t go to university

For Dutch women, who want to practize islam or who is thinking about it, there is issued a book called: “The women in islam”. The publisher, Project Dien, published the book. Co-author is Jeanette Ploeger, she’s connected to the islam grammerschool Er-Riseleh.

The book says for instance the following:

Women should not go to university-buildings. Also rooms where lectures are being held, cinema’s and or packed busses should be avoided to prevent man accedentily touching her.

Dutch women should not, buy their way of clothing, resemble a non believer. For, looking like them is equal to belonging to them, so says ” The women in Islam”. Women should put their eyes down and not to be wearing make-up outdoors. Going outdoors the only thing whats allowed to be reveiled are hands and face. She is not allowed to wear a pair of trousers, the clothes to wear may not be to modern and not be to nice. Men can’t shake hands with her unless there is a handkerchief between both hands or that they both wash their hand in a bowl of water after shaking hands. Who doesn’t live up to this rules awaits a painfull punishment in hellfire.

[4:34] The men are made responsible for the women, ** and GOD has endowed them with certain qualities, and made them the bread earners. The righteous women will cheerfully accept this arrangement, since it is GOD’s commandment, and honor their husbands during their absence. If you experience rebellion from the women, you shall first talk to them, then (you may use negative incentives like) deserting them in bed, then you may (as a last alternative) beat them. If they obey you, you are not permitted to transgress against them. GOD is Most High, Supreme.

It’s a book for practicing muslim women and women who are thinking of becoming one by convirting to islam. A book in which the oppressing of women becomes very clear. A book in which women are thrown back to the middle ages and to the islamic regions in which women are oppressed and considered inferieur to men, a position which completely contradicts the idea of equality of men and women in the modern world. It’s an absolute shame that the inferieur position within the islam is considered to be possitive.

Source: sioenederland

10 Downing St petition rejected

I sent in the proposed petition to appear on the 10 Downing St e-petitions site.

However, it was rejected for any one of the reasons given (see below).

Presumably, the recent demolition of a church in Turkey is deemed not offensive enough to the British Government to preclude Turkey from joining the European Union as Britain's Foreign Secretary David Milband has since reiterated his desire for "strong, unbreakable ties" between Europe and its Muslim neighbours."

Kuffarphobia Rules OK - in the UK

Here is the text of the proposed petition and the reply


I'm sorry to inform you that your petition has been rejected.

Your petition was classed as being in the following categories:

* Potentially libellous, false, or defamatory statements

* Language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative

If you wish to edit and resubmit your petition

You have four weeks in which to do this, after which your
petition will appear in the list of rejected petitions.

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'publicly
declare that kuffarphobia contravenes human rights legislation'

"Kuffar" is a grossly insulting name used by Muslims to
describe non-Muslims. In many Islamic countries non-Muslims are
persecuted merely for being non-Muslims. This irrational fear
and loathing of non-Muslims by Muslims is known as kuffarphobia
and contravenes British, EU and UN human rights legislation or
declarations. The British Government should openly declare that
kuffarphobia contravenes human rights.

-- the ePetitions team

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Boycott the Maldives

The Phillipine government caves in to Kalifascism by surrending to Nazislam terrorism. That is what feeble governments do with an Islamist minority.

When in a majority, Nazislamists trat the kuffars as Islamists have always done, as no-class citizens. This is certainly the case with the Maldives Islamic special majlis (constitutional assembly) which has passed an amendment stating "none, except Muslims can be Maldivian citizens".

Enough is enough!

We went to war to combat this sort of thing and endured the Cold War to halt totalitarianism in its tracks.

The double standards must be stopped and the only way we will stop this kind of thing is to confront Islamism not to appease it. If we had appeased communism we would be already living in the East German style of totalitarian state that our EU politicians are aspiring to at the moment.

So text a couple of your friends about SIOE and get them to do the same, with a message to join or donate to SIOE.

Make no mistake we are in a war to save our democracy and way of life. We have already seen violent action in several parts of Europe. Our politicians are giving more and more away to Islamists while in Islamic countries non-Muslims are systematically persecuted.

Any European who holidays in an Islamic country seriously needs to reconsider their values. By taking a vacation in a place like the Maldives or Turkey, you are merely supporting persecution.

Support us and Stop Islamisation Of Europe, otherwise as non-Muslims you will more likely than not have your citizenship revoked.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Kalifascism pays in the Phillipines - Europe next?

I read this with dismay, via the most informative site about Islamism

This war in the Phillipines was conducted by Islamist terrorists who wished to establish an Islamic state in part of the Phillipine archipelago called Mindanao.

The Phillipino government finally caved in to Nazislam terrorists by giving them more than they actually wanted. The Phillipino conflict is just one of a series of wars going on around the world whereby Islamists are murdering people to establish an Islamic autonomous region within a country.

In other words a step-by-step establishment of a worldwide Kalifate (Caliphate) by fascistic means is underway. This is known as Kalifascism.

One notable example is Thailand where practically every day non-Muslims are murdered by Islamofascists seeking to establish an Islamic autonomous region in southern Thailand.

Our European politicians are surrendering to Kalifascist terrorism by expanding sharia law via the establishment of Eurabia. The first step of this is the Euro-med union which will bring together all of the countries (including Israel mindbogglingly) bordering the Mediterranean into a zone of free trade and free movement of people.

SIOE believes that European politicians consider sharia law to be an effective (and attractive) tool for controlling populations. This is why there is a headlong rush into the Eurabia superstate.

However, these same politicians misguidedly believe that they can control sharia law. Some, following the London and Madrid bombings, are awakening to the fact that this is not the case. Unfortunately, both conservatives and socialists consider Eurabia to be attractive. The former because they are slaves to the doctrine of profit at all costs. The latter because they aspire to the notion of mass collective control, known as totalitarianism. It is no wonder that socialists/communists and Islamists have formed an unholy alliance against western values.

All this can be stopped very quickly by people consistently and persistently voicing their dissent. SIOE is planning a series of events over the coming weeks and months.

Now is the time for action. SIOE needs you to join and donate so that together we can Stop Islamisation Of Europe.

Our fate is not a Kalifate.

Join us now!

Libel terrorism

Please watch the videos here

then join or donate to SIOE because we cannot Stop Islamisation Of Europe without money.

SIOE is up against the billions of petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia and other gulf states which fund mosque building in Europe.

Reportedly almost half the mosques in England have been "infiltrated" by "radical extremists".

SIOE does not accept the term "radical extremist" because the evidence points to exactly the opposite.

Firstly, "moderate" Muslims have allowed their mosques to be taken over by "radical extremists". This can only have been done with the approval of the Muslims attending the mosques which have been taken over. If the majority of Muslims attending those mosques are "moderate" then they would have stopped the "radical extremists" from taking over. It is too late to start changing matters only after it has been exposed in the media.

Secondly, 61% of British muslims want sharia law which clearly indicates that a majority want the Islamisation of England, let alone Britain and Europe. This fact confirms SIOE's belief expressed above about "radical extremists" and "moderate Muslims".

SIOE believes that there are only Muslims and those who wish to leave Islam, but are fearful of doing so because of the resulting death sentence demanded by sharia law (that 61% of British Muslims want).

SIOE believes that the remaining 39% are either practising taqiyya and kitman or wish to leave Islam. The caviat "so long as the penalties did not contravene British law" is merely another example of taqiiya and kitman, and is meaningless because sharia law is sharia law. Nobody would accept an English person living in Saudi Arabia saying they want English law to apply in Saudi Arabia "so long as the penalties did not contravene sharia law," least of all an Imam - who is the prosecutor, judge and jury in sharia law.

No sharia here!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Common Purpose. Is it a tool in Islamisation?

Common Purpose is regarded by many as being one of the most sinister organisations in existence, including me.

Scroll down this link to see a new leadership training sponsored by common purpose the Karimia Institute, Crime Concern and Muslim Hands;

Do a websearch for Common Purpose and take a look at this video

Reply from about

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Per our posted criteria, which can be found here , we clearly state that we do not categorize News sites that have violent content, except in graphic examples. The photos on the landing page of The Religion of Peace are what would be considered graphic examples.

The categorization for could be re-considered if the site grouped graphic violent images into one directory that could be labeled as Violence instead, (for example, This would enable us to place the root domain of in as Politics, if appropriate. Should a customer wish to permit the viewing of this site within their organization, our product would allow that through the use of a custom block rule, and so permit a customer to adapt their Acceptable Network Usage Policy.

For ease of reference, we've included our criteria for the Violence category below. At this point, the site will remain in the Violence category. If you are a customer and would like your users to have access to the site, simply allow it in your Custom Categorization tool or contact your Network Administrator.


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Saudi divorces wife for watching male TV host


Riyadh, September 29: A Saudi man divorced his wife for watching alone a television programme presented by a male, an act he deemed immoral.

This is the kind of nonsense we refuse to have in Europe. Technically, this man, the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and all muslims are flouting sharia law because images of humans and animals are forbidden by the hadiths.

The Saudis may continue to have a fun time in Saudi Arabia, but SIOE will fight any funding from the Saudi government or any other Islamic government for the expansion of Islamism in Europe.

No Sharia Here! Be in Marseilles on 8th December if you value your freedom.

Friday, 16 November 2007

How one of the biggest rows of modern times helped Danish exports to prosper

The Guardian used the same sloppy journalistic tags in an otherwise decent analysis

"The cartoons provoked a group of Danish imams to tour the Middle East. By February this year, Denmark's centre-right Liberal prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was dealing with the country's worst crisis since the second world war. Muslim mobs set fire to Danish embassies in Damascus and Beirut, burnt the Danish flag, and boycotted Danish cheese. At least 139 people died."

I say that's a bit strong - "Muslim mobs" ??

The Guardian will find itself branded "racist" "hate" etc etc as has if it goes on in this "racist" "hateful" manner.

"While Danish milk products were dumped in the Middle East, fervent rightwing Americans started buying Bang & Olufsen stereos and Lego."

So supporting Denmark by choosing to buy Danish produce is fervently "right wing" but killing 139 people and burning down embassies is "wingless". Well maybe Islamism is "left wing" seeing as how the "left" has killed more people than all of the other regimes put together.

The article goes on to say

"Denmark has now drifted to the right - as has neighbouring Sweden, which last week booted out its Social Democrat government.


At the moment the assimilationists - who insist immigrants should become more Danish - are in the ascendant. The government is considering Danish language tests for foreigners applying for a passport."

How disgustingly right wing

It then concludes

"The cartoons sparked global demonstrations. At least 139 people were killed in protests, mainly in Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Mobs burned down the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria and the Danish embassy in Beirut, leaving one protester dead. Gunmen also stormed the EU's office in Gaza, briefly kidnapping a German tourist

Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East countries boycotted Danish goods. Danish exports to the Middle East slumped by 15.5%

Death threats and reward offers for killing the cartoonists were made. Most are still in hiding. One Indian minister offered a reward of $1.1m (£590,000) for anybody who beheaded a Danish cartoonist"

So is Islamisation left wing or right wing? Whatever it is we are not having it in Europe.

The next declaration that we going to Stop Islamisation Of Europe is in Marseilles on 8th December.

Those who have fled to Europe to escape Islamic persecution in your own countries are invited to attend the SIOE demonstration in Marseilles.

Otherwise, where else will you flee to?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Is it later than you think?

In 1947 the world was introduced to the Doomsday Clock, at that time the minute hand was arbitrarily set at 7 minutes to midnight, midnight being nuclear annihilation. In the past 60 years the minute hand has been moved 19 times to signify the increasing or decreasing threat posed to the world. 1991 saw the hand moved back to 7 minutes before midnight after the arms limitation treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States. Following North Korea’s nuclear test, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the failure to secure fissile materials it was decided on the 17th January 2007 to advance the hand 2 minutes, bringing it to 5 minutes to midnight.

While originally it was just to signify the threat of nuclear Armageddon it now represents other threats to mankind including climate change.

The dread of nuclear holocaust for the entire human race is an increasing fear, and a frightening possibility as unstable regimes and psychotic ideologies get their hands on this technology of terror.

With Shiite Iran waiting for the coming of the 12th Imam, who in Shiite belief will return to lead the triumph of Islam throughout the world and there president Ahmadinejad egger to get his hands on nuclear weapons, the world steps nearer to fiery conflagration.

Nuclear technology for peace or war?

Christians are looking for Jesus’ 2nd coming, while the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam. However, of the three, Allah’s designated Mahdi is the only one who demands a violent path to conquer the world. President Ahmadinejad, and his cabinet, say they have a ‘signed contract’ with al Mahdi in which they pledge themselves to his work. What does this work involve? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated Israel should be wiped off the map. He spoke to the United Nations in September ’05. During his speech he claims to have been in an aura of light and felt a change in the atmosphere during which time no one present could blink their eyes. Iran’s PM is also said to have spoken in apocalyptic terms and seems to relish conflict with the West whom he calls the Great Satan. All this while he proclaims he must prepare the world for the coming Mahdi by way of a world totally under Muslim control.

They as devout Shiite Muslims are working hard to bring about the worldwide horrors that must be in place for their al Mahdi to bring peace. With nuclear weapons they will have the means for a fiery conflagration and the world holocaust that is necessary to pave the way for their 12th Imam!

But where are Iran and its leaders getting their understanding of this Islamic belief from? Is this some peculiar sect, like the Reverend Jones who founded Jones Town in Guyana and through his interpretation of the Bible induced mass suicide in over 900 hundred of his followers?

While the Reverend Jones as the psychotic leader he was manipulated people into his death cult, and although being responsible for the deaths of almost a thousand people his reign of terror affected just a relative small number.

Iran however and the belief being fermented in the minds of its nation is a totally different ball game. They are extremists and as extremists have said on numerous occasions, “They love death as we love life”! With this mix now add nuclear weapons, it doesn’t take a PhD to see the sword of Damocles hanging over us all.

If we look at our individual countries that form the EU, there exists here among our rulers psychotic and deranged thinking that is every bit as dangerous to our existence as Iran’s global ambitions.

In their headlong rush to strip away our national identities and mould us all into a subservient part of a European Super State, they are creating here the conditions for the rapid growth of an alien culture mainly because there are no natural barriers to it. With everything that made our nations unique striped away they have created a social vacuum that Islam is filling!

This must surely be a gift for a belief system that is working to take over the world to have their host nations removing all barriers and quelling any resistance to Islam’s expansion. The end result will truly be a European Super State, an Islamic Europe!

Is it later than you think?

As an individual, living in a state of denial would have no rational foundation for our wellbeing. We are all encouraged to examine ourselves for any signs of a lump that could be the first outward appearance of cancer.If we were to find evidence of a lump that had appeared in our bodies soft tissue would it be prudent to be complacent, and in a hope that it was benign just ignore it?

Everyday that past while we were going about our lives in this state of denial, the lump that had appeared would be developing, into what though? Benign or malign unattended it would grow permeating more and more of our bio structure, the longer we left it the more radical any procedure would be to remove it, indeed the time will come when the body could not withstand either the continued growth or the treatment to remove it. So because of complacency and denial, that which was treatable kills us!

What we see happening throughout the world, in each and every one of our countries is the growth of Islam. Can we just ignore it in a vain hope that it will be benign, that it will not destroy us?

The time has long past for such luxury as wait and see, the complacent attitude of many and the wishful attitude of others that has infected the commonsense of all our peoples is leading us to the point at which we will be destroyed either by Islam or by any attempt of a cure!

Before we reach that point we must rid ourselves of this insane state of denial, we must recognise our nations have been infected with one of the most virulent forms of social malignancy.

The psyche, the very being, each and every fibre of Islam yearns for an Islamic world order. All Muslims are spiritually signed up to this belief they believe that Islam will rule the world.

If when we see this rapid growth of Islam and the spread of their belief we feel concern, just think how Muslims feel when they see their religion growing throughout Europe, throughout the world! They see it and rejoice, they see it as proof of their belief that Islam will rule the world!

To this belief, world unrest and social upheaval is not negative it is what they believe is prophesied to happen; if our streets run with blood if our town and cities burn this is acceptable. Just as the leaders of Iran believe world conflagration will come before the 12th Imam so do many in Europe, and if they can do their bit to help it on its way so be it! By Bomb, Bullet or social unrest the world empire of Islam will work to dominate all lands, it drove their conflicts of the past, and it is the fuel that drives it now.

This is not a diatribe on individual peoples, SIOE do not believe that there are superior nations and inferior nations based on any genetic differences.

We do believe though that there are inferior belief systems, and evil ideologies.

Why would we as nations that have gone through our period of medieval barbarity and religious intolerance wish to return to those Dark Ages?

After the brave struggle for Universal suffrage why would women wish to disenfranchise themselves again and be shackled with inferiority, why accept subservience to religiously motivated male dominance!

All peoples of Europe, all our citizens from other countries who have chosen Europe as their home, this is a call to you. To all that love freedom, peace, and tolerance.

Wake up see the danger from our own liberal left, those who have sold our rights for a bag of beans! It is our duty to spread the word, to sound the warning, to wake up our nations and our peoples. Do not go quietly into the night as many have done, act now!

It is later than you think! email and reply

To whom it may concern. To accuse of being a racist, hate and violent site is nothing short of ridiculous.

Nowhere does it condone any of the things you seem to describe it as. It actually condemns violence, racism and hate and reports on accurately sourced news items and figures. It is an invaluable source of information regarding violence perpetrated in the name of Islam across the world.

You may as well brand all of the news sources uses in the same way.

Frankly, I find your double standards contemptible.


Stephen Gash



Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the site’s categorization. is a controversial site. Many people find it informative and want access to it, while many find it offensive and want to restrict access to it. While we hear from the public at both ends of the spectrum, we do our best to remain objective, and to cover the site in our list according to its content and according to our specific category definitions. Our customers’ filtering needs are then satisfied according to their own local policies and they can override to block or allow access at their discretion.

This site was analyzed and discussed at length by our Web Analyst team. There was an overwhelming agreement about the content of this site, that it meets specific category definitions. The site has a pervasive theme to expose violent acts perpetrated by Muslim extremists and asks that other Muslims should speak out against Muslim extremism. The site does not advocate discrimination, hate, or use of violence against Islam. But the site does use shocking material to convey its message, such as violent and horrific images. The images clearly meet our Violence category definition. The political views expressed within, as public controversy attests to, is in the outer limits and therefore meets our Political Opinion/Extreme category definitions. As with any site, we will modify the category ratings as the content changes. As this site has a fairly high profile, we will likely revisit the site frequently and re-review its status in our list.

Thank you.

SmartFilter Sites

Secure Computing Corporation

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Please help defend

Here is a copy of a report from what is arguably the most valuable website providing information on Islamic jihad events happening across the world.

I take no responsibility for the report, but until it is proved otherwise, I have no reason to disbelieve what is reproduced here.

Please contact me if you see any inaccuracies as I do not want to libel anyone.

SIOE England is not responsible for the content of webpages linked in this post.


Dear Fellow Bloggers:

The Religion of Peace Needs Our Help!

An individual by the name of (Rev.) Jim Sutter targeted our good friends at The Religion of Peace in an effort to shut down the site. The results of Sutter’s actions provoked a number of internet companies to incorrectly categorize The Religion of Peace. These incorrect categories have caused the site to be listed as a hate site, and consequently blocked by some servers. We know that the accusations made by Sutter, and the various companies are untrue. The Religion of Peace provides accurate facts about Islam – not lies. Nor can the site be accused of being racist. First of all Islam is not a race, it is a political religious ideology. Secondly, The Religion of Peace speaks out against all violence that is directed towards Non-Muslims and Muslims.

Anyone who has a blog that attempts to defend the west from radical Islam or Marxists knows that they are constantly at risk of being labeled racist, and shut down by individuals and organizations who do not want the truth to be known. The efforts to silence our voices will increase. We are all in this fight together. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if all of you would post a notice on your blogs, urging your readers to support The Religion of Peace by sending protest e-mails to the offending companies. Islam and the thought police are coming after all of us. Free speech is in jeopardy. We need to pull together into a strong and united force to combat those who intend to crush us.

Out of respect for others The Religion of Peace has avoided asking for assistance. They did not want to impose their problems onto anyone else. I have permission to make this appeal on their behalf.

Please ask your readers to contact the following companies with a short polite e-mail clearly stating that The Religion of Peace – (include the url in the e-mails) is against violence, not racist and should be categorized appropriately under labels such as General News, Politics and Religion.

To the best of our knowledge the e-mail addresses are correct. If anyone encounters problems please contact either myself or The Religion of Peace:

Secure Computing




Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Further background information is provided below: Jane

Case Study:

How did Jim Sutter manage to get an anti-violence and anti-hate website by an anti-racialist owner classified as "violent," "obscene," "hateful," and "racist?" Here is the story from the preferably anonymous editor of TROP.


From the Editor of

TROP was originally started in 2002 to help Muslims understand that there are more important things going on in the world than a woman being asked to remove her veil in front of a judge, or a Muslim man getting his feelings hurt at an airline security gate.

In an effort to spark moral perspective on the part of organizations like CAIR, we document acts of deadly violence committed in the name of Islamic supremacy, similar to the way other sites compile data on victims of all supremacist ideologies, whether racial, ethnic or nationalist.

In addition to maintaining a database of terrorist attacks, TROP presents news and articles from the Muslim world, as well as open reference information for anyone beginning research into Islam. We do not promote a particular religion and we try to stay non-partisan.

Although we obviously oppose the doctrinal elements of Islam that inspire violence or are in contradiction to liberal values, TROP has always taken a strong, documented stand against judging individuals by their group identity. In many places on our site we openly denounce harming, harassing or stereotyping any Muslim based on his or her religion.

Our site also has a record of acknowledging and condemning rare acts of violence against Muslims by American criminals, either in the U.S. or overseas. We publicly oppose desecrating the Qur'an and do not even use the term 'Islamofascism" in our writings. Since we only want to publish truthful information, we welcome dialogue and post any corrections that are proven necessary to us.

We focus on the moral failings of Islam and its incompatibilities with Western values, including women's rights, democratic freedoms, religious tolerance, and (ironically) freedom of expression among others. Nevertheless, we try to be balanced and accurate in our writing and to avoid using absolutes. We also make a documented effort to discourage bigoted thinking.

Although our site has nothing to do with race, we have let it be known that we are anti-racialist. Over the years, we have championed the cause of Africans, Arabs, Hindus, Buddhists and anyone else victimized in the name of Islam. We have received praise from liberals, conservatives, Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheists, gays and even a few disenchanted Muslims.

Jim Sutter Targets

In July of 2007, I was contacted by a man eventually calling himself "Reverend Jim Sutter" regarding my website, (TROP).

Sutter at first played the "Bad Cop" under an alias, claiming that ours site is a "hate site:"

"I will make it my business and consider it a solemn duty to condemn and expose the site called thereligionofpeace. IMO it is no different in any dicernable way than a site run by Al Qaeda, the KKK, or the Nazi party."

I replied politely to Sutter, pointing out that he was going to need to do more than just state an opinion, and I challenged him to support what he was saying. I told him that I was open-minded and would make any corrections that he could prove needed to be made. I also directed him to a page on our site in which we plainly separate ourselves from the insidious organizations to which he associated us.

In his reply, Sutter made it rather evident that he did not read the page to which we had directed him:

"You invite me to read "what to do about" which is just another bigoted exhortation to hate & violence. Wow. Then we have you writing this "this makes me suspicious". That figures too, since paranoia usually accompanies bigotry."

I then spelled out out for him what he was unwilling to read for himself - that TROP openly and unambiguously denounces all forms of violence and bigotry. The writings that we post which are critical of Islam are solidly supported by the Qur'an, Hadith, Sira (biography of Muhammad) and the historical record.

Sutter then contacted us the next day under his real name, pretending to have seen the site for the first time and clearly wearing the "Good Cop" hat. He complimented us on TROP, but suggested the changes that we needed to make in order to meet with his approval. I generously ignored his earlier correspondence and entered into a lengthy dialogue of about 20 e-mail messages, in which I challenged him to prove that his requested modifications were necessary.

(It is important to note that Sutter never once accused TROP of being either a "hate" site or a "racist" site once he began using his real name. I suspect that he told the URL search engines something entirely different in order to punish me for not backing down to his demands.)

Over the next week or so, I noticed a pattern with Sutter:

1) He would say things that weren't true. A good example:

"The FBI states that hate crimes against Muslims currently number higher than against any other group. Those hate crimes include murder, arson, rape, and kidnapping."

This is blatantly false, of course. No Muslims have been raped or kidnapped in America because of their religion, and 70% of the targets of religious hate crime are Jewish. (source)

2) When caught, Sutter would always ignore any lies, no matter how freshly told. This happened when I sent him the above link and asked three times where he got his erroneous information. I got no reply. It became obvious that he was making things up, but there was not the slightest bit of shame or even an attempt to divert blame. It was as if he felt entitled to say anything he pleased - all while making his usual claims of "fact, logic and evidence."

3) Sutter would play games in his replies. Sometimes he would plagiarize entire sections of text from other sources and pretend that they were his own words. Often times he would ignore an argument that wasn't going his way, and simply not quote it in his reply. Sometimes he would be intentionally naive, and pretend not to understand ideas that were made quite obvious.

When I realized that Sutter was not taking the conversation seriously, I let him know that there was no basis for our continuing the discussion. (I dialogue with sincere objectors, but I simply don't have time to get into food fights with disingenuous hacks).

It was only about a week later that I began hearing from military families and ordinary Internet users who were unable to get to our site. Despite being unable to make his case against us in open debate, Sutter decided to make good on his original threats to us:

"I'm contacting the proprietors of several databases of internet hate-sites to report thereligionofpeace, this will have the effect of blocking your site from being referenced, linked or quoted on the many discussion forums that bar those listed hate-sites, such as democratic underground."

After operating for five years without any sort of problems, Secure Computing, SurfControl and SonicWall had TROP blocked overnight by wrongfully classifying our site according to Jim Sutter's demands... all because we would not adopt his political and theological positions!

The correspondence with Internet censors concerning our site is not public information, but it is obtainable through a court order, since these are public corporations. Only then will I know whether Sutter used his real name, an alias, or had one of his gullible groupies do the dirty work for him. I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is behind the censorship and miscategorizing of our site as well as the many other anti-Jihad sites across the Internet that have suffered recent problems.

Sutter is very good at sounding important. He often recites a small handful of court cases in order to embellish his correspondence with the Internet's largest censors (although even a small dose of legal research will find that these are not what they appear). Still, there is something terribly wrong with the system when one small bully is allowed to dictate personal ideological standards to large corporations and thus millions of Internet users.


The damage that Jim Sutter and others, including SonicWall, Secure Computing and SurfControl, have done is going to take months, perhaps years to rectify. For my site to be labeled as hate speech, "obscene" or "extreme" merely because we object to the extremist elements of the Islamic religion is anti-intellectual and smacks of McCarthyism.

How is it that a website primarily concerned with ending violence against people just because they worship a different god is labeled extreme and obscene? Have we really reached such a low point in America when one is not free to criticize violence and religious totalitarianism?

The association of TROP by SonicWall and the others with "racist" and "hate" sites is particularly slanderous to me, since I have a strong and provable record of actively opposing bigotry and racism, both professionally and personally. Anti-racialism and the utter ridiculousness of even categorizing people by race is one of the major themes of the novel that I wrote several years ago, for example. I also have a family member, who published a book about her childhood experience in a Nazi concentration camp, and who would be quite surprised by these public slurs.

For Jim Sutter to punish people like me for petty personal grudges is one thing. For companies like Sonic Wall, Secure Computing and SurfControl to go along with it is absolutely unconscionable.


How do the censors rate TROP against sites that are pro-Jihad or blatantly anti-Christian?

Let's use and as examples.

"Answering-Christianity" is a Muslim site that is dedicated to promoting Islam and trashing Christianity using distortion and misinformation. The author once started to create a list of "Christian Terrorist Attacks" that he promised would be "5,000 times worse" than our list. He quit after only a few dozen entries that included such gems as terror attacks by Columbian drug lords and a 40-year-old church bombing by the Klan.

The editors of Jihad Unspun are blatant apologists for Islamic terrorism. They proudly make the connection between Islam and terrorism a lot more forcefully than does TROP, and they even criticize other Muslims for not joining. Recently, they posted a flattering review of Osama Bin Laden's videotaped address, complimenting the man who massacred thousands of Americans for inviting the survivors to embrace Islam.

Like TROP, Jihad Unspun reports Islamic terrorism. They report suicide bombings as 'martyrdom attacks' and provide justification for other 'Mujahideen' violence. They also inflate casualties from attack by several factors and even make up attacks that never happened.

So, how do Secure Computing, SurfControl and SonicWall feel about this?

Secure Computing

Secure Computing says that TROP is "Extreme, Violent, Obscene and Mature." However, it merely categorizes "Answering Christianity" as "Religion and Ideology." (Secure Computing and Answering Christianity).

Secure Computing also rates "Jihad Unspun" as "General News, Politics and Religion" (Secure Computing and Jihad Unspun)


SurfControl says that TROP is "Violent," however, the pro-Jihad and consistently unreliable "Jihad Unspun" is categorized as "News." (SurfControl) One also wonders why the list of terror attacks on TROP counts as violence, but not the list of attacks on (which is categorized as "Politics") nor that of ("News").


SonicWall is particularly shameful. They say that TROP is "Violence/Hate/Racism" even though we are actually opposed to all three of these. But the company actually ranks the anti-Christian site, "Answering Christianity," as "Religion" and the pro-terror "Jihad Unspun" site as "News and Media." (SonicWall and TROP, SonicWall and Answering Christianity, SonicWall and Jihad Unspun). Home

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Injured SIOE colleague speaks

Our Danish SIOE colleague who was injured alongside Anders Gravers and fellow SIOE members speaks about the attack and the state of democracy in Denmark and Europe

Freedom has many enemies who ally with one another to stifle those who defend free speech and democracy. Our enemies cannot defeat us by argument alone and, therefore, resort to violence, even attempted murder, to prevent us from stopping totalitarianism (especially in its nastiest form, the theocratic despotism known as Islamism).

Such a violent stategy merely shows that those who wish to take the world back to the stoning age have already lost.

We are grateful to our brave colleague in this video and the many like him who believe our democracy is worth defending

Message to anti-Jihad organisations

SIOE has been approached by several organisations concerned with stopping Jihad, not only in Europe, but across the world.

In order for SIOE to have any dealings with such anti-Jihad organisation its leaders will have to sign this simple statement:-

"We are for democracy as we know it today
We are against all totalitarian ideas
We will fight Islamism, Communism, Nazism and fascism

We will remove any person found to be supporting any of the totalitarianism doctrines above. If any organisation permits even one of its members to promote Islamism, Communism, Nazism and fascism then SIOE will disassociate itself from that organisation itself."

Already Anti-Jihad Denmark has agreed these terms and branches are currently active in Denmark.

SIOE welcomes anti-Jihad groups who oppose totalitarianism and are prepared to join with SIOE under the above terms.

Monday, 5 November 2007

The Europeans showed their respect for Theo van Gogh

On the 2nd of november SIOE remembered Theo Van Gogh , who died on the barricades of this new struggle between modern liberal values and a medieval doctrine opposing it.

Theo wasn´t always diplomatic in his expressions, often he was rude and provoking , but always honest in venting what he felt was needed to be said.

Little did he know that in Holland in the 21st century one could meet jihad on his path for making programs,articles , movies that criticise an ideology that has refused to evolve or indeed go trough its age of reason.

Unlike what apologetes and neo-negationists will try to feed your mind: Mohammed B., Theo´s killer was not “one of a kind”

A disturbed individual?…yes , a psychopat?…very likely,an accident or a coincidence?… not by a long shot.

Mohammed B. is the fruit of a system created by the ones who decided to tolerate the intolerable, who even feed young muslims who have trouble finding jobs or finding their place in western society the idea that western society itself is the cause for their failure, that “making the intolerant western society more tolerant” will solve their problems.

When people in an identity crisis, with a major inferiority complex hear the same song from our dear politicians that their imam and their quran sings…

When noone tells them that to understand the “other” one should first look within oneself , and that “western society” can´t be the root of all evil when millions come from all over the world to take part in it and learn to love it…except if they are a part of the religion of peace…

Then it becomes very easy to turn ones anger towards the person who actually dares say what others maliciously refuse to see/say.

Theo was such a person…

Therefore SIOE decided to pay hommage to Theo , not to “use his name as publicity” as some bloggers suggested -you know who you are-

And not with a big bang because Theo himself wasn´t a big fan of hommages and commemorations.

Instead SIOE chose to lay flowers and hold a minute of silence at his memorial statue in Amsterdam and small vigils at the Dutch embassies throughout Europe.

In Holland there was a minute of silence at the statue erected to commemorate Theo Van Gogh , afterwards the crowd went on to speakers corner in the Oosterpark where speeches were held.

SIOE Holland wants to thank all the people who have taken the time to be there with them and especially the people who gave speeches at speakers corner.

SIOE also wants to thank Ehsan jami for being there and supporting SIOE.

More pictures can be found here

It is of the utmost importance that people like Theo are not forgotten, who they were,what they stood for,why they were murdered…

Because for every Theo there are 10 liars that will tell you nothing is happening,nothing is wrong,nothing is brewing in your backyard…go back to sleep…

Except if you try and question that dogma… then your eyes suddenly open….or forever close….

Flowers were handed over in Germany at the consulates of Hamburg, Koln, Dresden, Munich and Frankfurt.

A commemoration for Theo van Gogh was held in front of The Dutch embassy in Copenhagen on the 2nd November the day he was killed 3 years ago.

A commemoration for one of the greatest advocates of the freedom of expression.

The freedom of expression that most of us take for granted, but Theo van Gogh
payed with his life for using it! when a cowardly islamist slaughtered him in the street in Amsterdam in 2004.

We will remember Theo van Gogh for his ability as a human being and for his plain and straightforward nature.

As an advocate of women and men’s equal rights and for his intrepid use of one of the most important signs that shows that people live in freedom: The freedom of expression

People from all over Denmark, Jutland, Funen and Zealand remembered Theo van
In Belgium a delegation of SIOE België (Flemish) and SIOE Belgique (French) handed over flowers and a plaque at the Dutch embassy in Brussels.

In England a vigil was held in front of the embassy in London

After initially been willing to receive flowers to commemorate Theo, the Dutch embassy then declined. However, a candlelit vigil was held outside the embassy, dignified by a minutes silence. After words of remembrance, flowers were tied to the embassy railings.

In Norway “SOS.YTRINGSFRIHET - I FARE “ (SOS.FREEDOM OF SPEECH - IN DANGER) held a commemoration for Theo van Gogh outside the dutch embassy in Oslo. The duch ambassador came out and greeted the participants and were grateful for the respect that was shown for their fellow countryman. SIOE Norge

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Theo Van Gogh vigil - London 2nd November

On the 2nd November there will be a gathering at the Dutch embassies and consulates in remembrance of the Dutch filmmaker and journalist Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered by an Islamist.

At 19.00 LONDON time a ceremony will be held in front of the
Dutch Embassy,
38 Hyde Park Gate,
London SW7 5DP


Candlelight vigil (some candles will be provided, but please bring your own if you are able, or lanterns)

One minutes silence
Flowers laid in front of the building
Words of commemoration to Theo Van Gogh
For those wishing to sing 'I vow to thee my country' here are the lyrics

I vow to thee, my country, all earthly things above,
Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love;
The love that asks no question, the love that stands the test,
That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best;
The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,
The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice.

And there's another country, I've heard of long ago,
Most dear to them that love her, most great to them that know;
We may not count her armies, we may not see her King;
Her fortress is a faithful heart, her pride is suffering;
And soul by soul and silently her shining bounds increase,
And her ways are ways of gentleness, and all her paths are peace.

And here is a rendition of I vow to the my country