Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Places where to have counter demos against Islamism

Please keep all ativities legal. It is best to contact local police first. Be prepared for delaying tactics, however.

In England Islamists seem able to demonstrate at a moment's notice. SIOE doesn't know whether this is because Islamists receive more favourable treatment from the authorities than other people, or whether Islamists just show up at a venue and get away with it.

Just such a demo happened outside Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral the day after Pope Benedict's observations on a Medievil text

SIOE England considers that counter demonstrations outside Islamic centres in just as short a space of time should happen with as much ease as the Islamist demonstration referred to above.

Therefore, here is a list of Islamic centres in the British Isles

Regents Park mosque
The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque

146 Park Road. London. NW8 7RG - for a map

Muslim Council of Britain - location and map required so please post them

London Metropolitan police contacts

UK police stations


Anonymous said...

I know what the mayor of Brussels' reaction to the 9/11 demo is, but what would the mayor of London say to a request that a demo of that type take place in London on 9/11? I think SIOE England should find out. There are a lot of Muslims in London, and there are a lot of people who are unhappy with the growing influence of Muslims in the UK. It would be easier for some of these people to demonstrate in London than in Brussels. Furthermore, if the mayor refused a demo in London and SIOE England was able to draw attention to that fact, SIOE England would gain a lot more support.

Stephen Gash said...

Does anybody have the address for the Muslim council of Britain?