Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Be a part of history! Join the SIOE demonstration in Marseille the 8th of December.

SIOE now has permission from the police to hold the demonstration in Marseilles on the 8th of December.

The location is: 2 rue Henri Barbusse รก Marseille (1er)
Time: 13.00 hrs

Be a part of history!

Participate in the Marseilles demonstration against the building of the biggest mosque in Europe!

Last Tuesday the mayor John Claude Gaudin symbolically gave the keys for the mosque to Sheik Nordine who represents muslims in Marseilles. “This is an historic moment.
Muslims have been in suspense for more than one century and now we finally have permission to build our mosque.

We just need to collect 8 million Euros to build the big mosque of more than 2.400 m2, where the prayer room can contain 2000 persons.

That’s what the 200.000 muslims in Marseilles have waited for,” Sheik Nordine said.

SIOE is opposing the building of mosques on European soil until the main Shia and Sunni countries allow the building of Buddhist- and Hindu temples, synagogues and Christian churches in Mecca and Teheran.


Anthony said...

I hope that SIOE is opposing the construction of mosques on European soil unconditionally!

Deeno Sharma said...

Very fair and equitable

If they allow Roman Catholic, Protestant Churches, Hindu Temples Jewish synagogues in Kazak, Terhan, Saudi Arabia, Mecca etc

But until this is done. Then it must be NO their requests.

Thiagan said...


Thiagan says
First the people of Europe will have to defeat the socialist rascals; it is they who have been lying about the real conditions in Soviet Union and other communist countries for seventy years and who now lend the intellectual support to the islamists. If the support base is removed, the islamic aggression will tone down.