Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Kalifascism pays in the Phillipines - Europe next?

I read this with dismay, via the most informative site about Islamism thereligionofpeace.com

This war in the Phillipines was conducted by Islamist terrorists who wished to establish an Islamic state in part of the Phillipine archipelago called Mindanao.

The Phillipino government finally caved in to Nazislam terrorists by giving them more than they actually wanted. The Phillipino conflict is just one of a series of wars going on around the world whereby Islamists are murdering people to establish an Islamic autonomous region within a country.

In other words a step-by-step establishment of a worldwide Kalifate (Caliphate) by fascistic means is underway. This is known as Kalifascism.

One notable example is Thailand where practically every day non-Muslims are murdered by Islamofascists seeking to establish an Islamic autonomous region in southern Thailand.

Our European politicians are surrendering to Kalifascist terrorism by expanding sharia law via the establishment of Eurabia. The first step of this is the Euro-med union which will bring together all of the countries (including Israel mindbogglingly) bordering the Mediterranean into a zone of free trade and free movement of people.

SIOE believes that European politicians consider sharia law to be an effective (and attractive) tool for controlling populations. This is why there is a headlong rush into the Eurabia superstate.

However, these same politicians misguidedly believe that they can control sharia law. Some, following the London and Madrid bombings, are awakening to the fact that this is not the case. Unfortunately, both conservatives and socialists consider Eurabia to be attractive. The former because they are slaves to the doctrine of profit at all costs. The latter because they aspire to the notion of mass collective control, known as totalitarianism. It is no wonder that socialists/communists and Islamists have formed an unholy alliance against western values.

All this can be stopped very quickly by people consistently and persistently voicing their dissent. SIOE is planning a series of events over the coming weeks and months.

Now is the time for action. SIOE needs you to join and donate so that together we can Stop Islamisation Of Europe.

Our fate is not a Kalifate.

Join us now!

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