Wednesday, 29 August 2007

There is a march coming up, a march towards the capital of Europe – Brussels.

Anders Gravers’ speech the 25th of August supporting the SIOE march:

There is a march coming up, a march towards the capital of Europe – Brussels. This march is a march for freedom - and on the way, we will obtain that freedom, take it from the central power of the European Union - that has stolen it from us.

SIOE declared a demonstration in the name of freedom of speech – this demonstration was a calling to the persons of power. A statement, stating the fact that the islamization of Europe has undermined the first freedom of a democratic state. Symbolically we were banned, we were told not to go to Brussels, because we were racists and islamophobes. This sounds a hollow – how can these stupid curse words ban the most precious freedom of all?

Because it is so, the politicians do not even have to put forward any real reasons for the foul conduct – they can just ban and tyrannize.

We have a living proof of the loss of our freedom, due to the corrupt and weak politicians of Brussels.

Now how long are we going to accept this? How long are we going to let our freedom be taken away? When is it time to put that line in the sand, say enough is enough, we will not accept anymore!

I say now, right now, to that occasion we have so successfully prepared, the march to Brussels at the 11th of September – supporting our American friends in their struggle against the radical islam.

Europe is at a crossing point right now, we know our politicians as old but incompetent leaders of a worn out and unusable democratic system – and we have choose whether to cross, or stay put – to fight ourselves for our democracy, or leave it to politicians.

Rousseau, the philosopher of the French revolution beaconed on us, with the simple truth of power: He said: Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.
The chains we have borne have been the chains of democracy and law – we have deposed our free will to the leaders of our society - trusting them with the task of upholding the security and freedom of every citizen of every country. By doing this, we have freed ourselves from the rule of the strongest.

Muslims have however reintroduced the rule of strongest into Europe again. The trust we have put in our democratically elected rulers, have hereby been breached. Our leaders were supposed to uphold the democratic law - and now they are bending over to the might of the strong muslim ummah. We have now neither the freedom of ourselves because we respect law - or the freedom of law, because roman law is not respected by the islamists.

According to Freddy Thielemans SIOE are racists, and islamophobic – basically SIOE represent evil in its most simple and horrendous form. But is it so? What is it really SIOE is trying to get through to politicians, and other people of power?

SIOE presents a fight for the very core of European civilization.

The two main elements in European state are: Democracy and Roman Law. Combined, these two ideas give us a system that is stable and well functioning - in short it gives us freedom, peace and prosperity. These two organizational cores of our states are now under pressure.

Democracy, Roman law and muslim law are described in detail by prominent philosophers as Socrates, Aquinas, Al-Ghazali – science in its most eloquent form. Therefore it seems a little weird to be called a racist and islamophobe, when all you really do is demonstrating against a system of civilization that is utterly foreign to you. A system that has always led to disintegration and absolutely no development in any sense – as you can see in the middle east countries.

Now SIOE is blamed by the Arab-European League to be insensitive of the Arabian culture – well, we do not have anything against Arabian poetry or dance, we do however have something against the law system of the middle east – especially when it is imposed on areas of European soil without the consent of the citizens, and often with a violent and very insensitive methods. Bombing things, raping and killing is exactly the sign of insensitivity – and we are worried by this development, because it shows lack of sensitivity towards Roman law – a law system based on public vote.

Freedom of speech, democracy and Roman law are all virtues of a state envied by people around the globe. And we want to keep them.

Now the march is important because that will be the first barricade Europeans have put up against the tyranny of the islamists. It will not be a fascist demonstration, it will be a march by a community of Europeans who put the freedom of democracy to their heart. It will be blacks, jews, gays, protestants, catholics, high and low wandering to Brussels to demonstrate - to fight for the first freedom, for human right to speak out on issues that concerns them – Freedom of speech. Hereby rebuffing the politicians - standing up: Democracy and Roman law.

Some decades ago, a tiny Indian, Mahatma Ghandi, wandered against the sea, to break the monopoly of salt trade – the salt march. Now it is time to make our salt march – and be proud and happy to be part of generation, with something to fight for. We may take a beating, but it is worth taking – because this is the defining moment of our generation.

Let us show to whole of Europe that there are some people who will NOT cease their freedom because they lack the courage to stand up to their country and culture – let us march.

This may start a ravine tearing on bit of ice with the other, growing, finding momentum – and in the end it will make a river of resistance blowing all the occupiers and tyrants of our freedom away. Giving us the Europe back that we have lost right now, the secure, peaceful, prosperous Europe, the Europe we will be able to hand over to our children with pride.

Let this be the calling of our generation to commence what the brave have always been fighting for: Freedom.

Anders Gravers SIOE Denmark

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