Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Press release Switzerland and Norway

SIOE says
The Swiss Group “Against the building of minarets” and the Stop Islamisation group FOMI Norway join the coordination of the Brussels demonstration
FOMI Norge (Forum against the Islamisation of Norway)
We support the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR) of the United Nations and the Norwegian Constitution.
We consider Islam as an ancient political programme for dividing the community into classes. The supreme class is the Muslim men with wide-ranging rights, then follows Muslim women with lower rights, then Jewish and Christian men, Jewish and Christian women with minor rights.
At the bottom of the society are believers of other religions, atheists and the slaves of the Muslims with no rights at all.
We will fight against such a classification of the community.
We consider the religious part of Islam as a tool for introducing Islamic imperialistic politics just like the prophet Mohammad utilized it when he as a warlord conquered the Arab peninsula in 622-632 and killed thousands of innocent people.
We remind people that 45 Muslim states have not signed upon UDHR, but have adopted their own “Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam” (CDHRI) confirming Islam’s Sharia law to be superior to UDHR.
We will never give up our freedom! We will never give up our principles! We will never give up our condemnation of Islamic politics!
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FOMI Norway
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Dr. Ulrich Schlüer (Switzerland SVP member and spokesperson for “Against the building of minarets”)
The peoples of all countries in Europe have throughout hundreds of years of political struggle won fundamental rights of freedom, which are central in the constitutions of all countries in Europe. The rights of freedom are an unalterable part of every western democracy.
Also in Europe Islamists are increasing their efforts to establish so-called “parallel societies”, where Islamic law shall rule, in contrary to the unalterable western right of freedom.
In Switzerland - as the only country in Europe - there exists a possibility for the people to form the constitution in what is called a “people’s initiative”. A committee has now introduced a “people’s initiative”, which demands a prohibition against minarets. If 100.000 electors sign this initiative within 18 months, the Swiss people will have a vote on a minaret prohibition. The collection of signatures has taken place since May the first 2007. The Swiss Peoples Party (SVP), which is the largest party in Switzerland, has already formally decided to support the initiative.
A minaret does not in it self have a religious content, but it is the symbol of the political demands for power, which will help the breakthrough of Islamic law in Europe.
Islamic law denies personal inviolability. It denies equality between boys and girls in education. Islamic law will remove the basic equality before the law. Islamic law distinguishes between pure and impure - between privileged and outcasts. This is in fundamental contrast to democratically based constitutional rights in all of Europe.
Because compromise between Islamic and western law is impossible the Swiss people’s initiative demands full recognition of the fundamental rights of freedom from all who have settled and from all who exercise authority in the country. The Swiss people’s initiative is a signal to everybody to maintain the western rights of freedom for the generations to come.
Long live equality before the law.
Long live democracy.
Long live liberty (freedom).
Dr. Ulrich Schlüer
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