Saturday, 25 August 2007

Spot the gay dude

He who whips hardest has most to hide.

The guy pulling at the victim's strides is giving a bit too much away as well.

In fact I think the local Mullah needs to make some serious investigations about all of the dudes crowding around the lashing bench. The upholding of Sharia law is paramount in Iran (and Brussels seemingly), and homsexuality is likely to demand some serious stoning.

As Mayor Freddy Thielemans banned the demo in Brussels protesting against the Sharia by stealth taking place in Europe, one might reasonably assume that he supports this kind of punishment for drinking.

Of course Kalifascist Freddy thinks that such punishment would not apply to socialist city mayors, like him, who toast with champagne, the death of a Pope. Think again Freddy! Yours will be the first wobbly arse to be whipped if Islamists actually do take control of Brussels. Nobody, even an Islamist, likes a quisling politician.

One day Freddy will wipe his fearful brow and say "thank goodness for SIOE and those people who showed up on 11th September shouting 'no Sharia here' "

I'm not worried about being sued for libelling the "man in black" by saying he's gay - he has his face covered with an executioner's burkha, so anybody can say what the hell they like about the tosser.

Imagine! This could be Freddy Thielemans

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