Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Channel Islam International

Stephen Gash is being interviewed at 18.00 15/07/2007 English time on Channel Islam International

There is a listen live facility online


Anonymous said...

I listened to the interview on CII. I thought Stephen Gash did okay. In future though, when asked about the persecution of Muslims in Europe and when Guantanamo Bay and things like that are mentioned, it may be worth pointing out that if Muslims weren't carrying out terrorist attacks around the world, no Muslims would be in Guantanamo Bay, and if the Muslim world was as democratic as the Western world, and if the Muslim world was as civilised as the Western world, there would be no need for Western freedom fighters to liberate places like Iraq from evil dictators. Also, SIOE needs to have clear dconsistent positions on how to deal with the Islamisation of Europe. Personally, I believe in the deislamification, whereby Muslims are removed from Europe and sent elsewhere in the world, preferably to the Muslim lands which they so frequently refer to.

Stephen Gash said...

Cheers senior. It wasn't my best effort by a long chalk. To tell the truth it slipped my mind I was doing it so was a bit caught out.
I refused to listen to their whinging however.
SIOE is really a conduit for any anti-Islamist group to come to. Our efforts are far too disparate to be effective. We are trying to get people to work together and it's not proving easy. The problem is people are anxious to get things done yesterday when there is so much to tackle.
We'll win though.