Sunday, 5 August 2007


There are only three official organisers for the demo who are:-

Anders Gravers (Denmark)
Stephen Gash (England)
Udo Ulfkotte (Germany)

These three people are the only ones liaising with the Brussels authorities.

They are also the official coordinators for their own countries.

There are other groups and people acting as coordinators and press officers in their own countries, but they are not concerned with arrangements in Brussels.

So if any political party, group or individual person other than those listed above say they are “organisers,” it is untrue.

We welcome, and are grateful for, the invaluable assistance being given by groups and individuals who have made translations of press releases and publicised the demo on blogs and websites.

Also, where people have organised travel from countries outside Belgium to Brussels, the organisers are pleased and grateful.

It is through such peoples’ efforts that the demo is certain to be successful.

So a big thank you to you all.

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