Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Stephen Gash's address to SIOE supporters

Stephen Gash's address to SIOE supporters. Read by Anders Gravers on 25th August in Demark

Brussels Mayor Thielemans banned the Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) demonstration scheduled for 11th September because he said he feared a violent reaction from the "foreign" community. He reportedly said a similar SIOE demonstration in Britain led to violence. This is a complete falsehood as no SIOE demonstrations have taken place in Britain.

If "Kalifascist" Freddy (as he is now known by SIOE supporters) allows the Arab Europe League (AEL) demonstration to take place on 11th September (hurriedly arranged so as to negate SIOE's appeal against Mayor Thielemans's ban) then he will merely confirm our accusations of the hypocrisy and double standards with which our politicians plague European governance.

This would also show that violence and intimidation now prevail in Europe’s political capital whereas peaceful democracy fails. In other words the Islamisation of Europe is in control.

If Mayor Thielemans had shown any kind of leadership he would have allowed SIOE's demonstration to take place and then permitted the AEL event to happen on another day, or at a different time on 11th September.

We urge all the political parties in opposition to Thielemans's socialist "kalifate," within the Brussels council, to openly support SIOE in Stopping Islamisation Of Europe.

AEL describes SIOE as "extremist and racist". I would like to remind readers that SIOE's motto is "Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!"

I would also ask AEL if stoning a woman to death for being raped is normal or extreme behaviour? Under Sharia law women are literally dying to know.

Stephen Gash
SIOE England

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