Saturday, 11 August 2007


One man unilaterally banned the Stop ISLAMISATION Of Europe rally scheduled for 11th September 2007.

This man is Freddy Thielemans the Mayor of Brussels.

One spurious reason he gave was that he could not “guarantee public safety”.

Around 247 demonstrations happen in Brussels each year and Mayor Thielemans feels he is able to “guarantee public safety” for each of these.

So what is the difference with this demonstration Mayor Thielemans? What factor in the Stop ISLAMISATION Of Europe demo renders it so unsafe when compared to other demonstrations which happen on a regular basis?

It was suggested to SIOE that policing this particular demo would be no more difficult than any other event, so why does Mayor Thielemans consider that Stop ISLAMISATION Of Europe is any less safe?

Anybody have any ideas?

What is so dangerous about a protest about stopping Sharia by stealth and insiduous ISLAM that a DEMOCRATIC freedom must be curtailed?

Can anyone think why ISLAMISATION as the reason for a demo makes it anymore dangerous than, say “globalisation”?

A prominent rallying cry for the planned protest is (not was) “DEMOCRACY NOT THEOCRACY”

Obviously, Major Freddy Thielemans believes that protecting theocracy is the way forward for the European Union – or more accurately the European Caliphate.

Even more obviously, to “CALIPHATE FREDDY” at least, ONLY MUSLIMS MATTER !!!


Anonymous said...

It's more difficult to police, because many Muslims are uncivilised, and react violently to criticism of them, other Muslims, and their religion.

What we are about. said...

All the more reason to protest then.

The police were confident that the demo could be policed safely which is why the proposal for the demo was sent to Mayor Thielemans.

If the police considered the demo unsafe they would not have sent the proposal to the Mayor.

Aeneas said...

It would appear that Brussels is run by Muslims for Muslims. See the following post over on The Gates of Vienna:

It would appear from this that a Muslim clique already rule the capital city of the European Union!

How much longer before Brussels is under iron rule of Shari'a law? How much longer before the whole European Union has to bow down to this inhumane and bigoted form of law?

Anonymous said...

That what SIOE aims to protect us from, so hopefully SIOE will do what is necessary to eradicate Islamist influence in politics in this democracy and others.

thierrythebelgian said...

The raisons why the mayor of Brussel don't authorised the march are: 1)there are to many muslims in Brussel
2)the gouvernment is affraid about the reaction of the muslim population
3)the mayor have to many friends in the muslim's congregation in Brussel
4)the belgian's gouvernment priority is to help the muslim's immigration to come in Belgium and help the muslim's population to be stronger year after year
5)every one here in Belgium who say, write or think negatively about the muslim's population is catalogated as a racist,a xenophob and an antisemity!
So what can we do? Perhaps a revolution!

Stephen Gash said...

If everybody is a racist xenophobe for speaking out against Islamism then that's an awful lot of people of different races, cultures religions who are racist xenophobes!

This is the absurdity, no matter what your colour is, if you are against Islamism then you are racist!