Thursday, 2 August 2007


It looks like things are getting started in the three biggies!

Plans are afoot to have simultaneous demos in Australia, the USA and Canada.

Initial indications are that these will be held in State capital cities due to the huge size of each country. Sydney and Melbourne are near certainties!

So it looks like there will be demos in three continents on 11th September 2007 !!!

Be a part of it! Be a part of history!

Book a day’s vacation if you need to – because you need to!

You have to be there for the sake of your country’s freedom

Get to your nearest state, provincial or territorial capital on 11th September with your national flag and Stop Islamisation banner.

Tell SIOE if you want to be a part and we will help you get in touch with coordinators

Better still BE A COORDINATOR for your state

Be Brave! Be Brazen! Be free of Islamodomination!

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Aeneas said...

'Stop Islamisation' is a great theme and applicable to all continents. It is therefore important that as many countries participate as possible. Continents and countries might be oceans apart but they all are potentially threatened by Islamisation and they all have the right to preserve their own cultural values and identity.

Not everyone will be able to get to Brussels on 11 September - the global counter jihad movement is spread across the entire world. Canada, the United States, Australia, India, Thailand, and other countries all have similar interests in the success of this endeavour. What better way is there, to ensure the success of the global effort, than to actually participate by organising similar demonstrations on exactly the same theme? This would send a very powerful message to leaders across the world that enough is indeed enough.

This is a historic opportunity to demand the attention of the governments of the world. It is also an opportunity for individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds to join their hands across nations and continents and participate in the making of history.