Friday, 31 August 2007

SIOOz Demo in Melbourne 11th September

NO SHARIA Peaceful Demo
Tuesday 11th September
Steps of State Library
Swanston St, Melbourne.
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We at SIOOz (Stop Islamisation of Oz) are concerned at the attempted Islamisation of Australia. Australia’s tolerance, freedom and laws are being misused in an effort to insinuate and make acceptable Islamic attitudes, practices and laws, contrary to our values and destructive of our open, western democracy.

Our Western democracy depends on freedom of speech to challenge dangerous ideologies such as Nazism and Islam but those critical of Islam are forbidden from speaking! Islam is a totalitarian political system, dressed up as a religion. Islam is racist, supremacist, intolerant, violent and sexist and practices gender and religious apartheid, subjugating all non-Muslims under appalling dhimmitude laws or slavery.

Political correctness, backed by religious vilification laws and fear of Islamic violence, protect Islam and prevent us from stating the truth about this ideology, which threatens our children’s and grandchildren’s freedom, equality and safety. Our media, politicians, educators and some religious leaders are complicit in pushing a rosy picture of Islam, hiding the appalling reality evident worldwide.

The pervasive penetration of Islam and the special favour and protection it receives is evidenced by separate lock-up Muslim toilets, prayer rooms and departments of Islamic Studies (controlled by Muslims) on most university campuses, separate Muslim swimming sessions in public pools, Muslim advisory boards (not to teach Muslims how to live in the west, but to tell us how to change to suit Islam!), hijabs (symbol of Islamic political power) pushed into schools. Our police, government, military, security and educational institutions have been infiltrated and corrupted, backed by huge government and overseas resources for promoting and privileging Islam. This must stop!

We are dedicated to stopping the Islamisation of Australia and have joined with a European group SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe). SIOE is staging a demo outside the EU Parliament on 11th September. SIOE is a pan-European movement determined not merely to stop the surreptitious Islamisation of Europe, but to reverse it.

Many Europeans are horrified at the Islamisation of Europe and the violence and threats that accompany it. The rally lets them voice their opposition to Islam, sharia and the destruction of European culture and asserts the right to say ‘enough’ to politicians who connive with Islamists to establish sharia by stealth.

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Ashley said...

Do you also plan to protest against the Christianisation and Judaification of Australia? They too are weeds grown from the same Abrahamic root as Islam.