Friday, 28 September 2007

Be an active participant of SIOE

It’s a fact that the opponents of our project, Stop islamisation of Europe, are many and strong. EU, UN and governments who cowardly have sold their populations to islam. They don’t want our project and wish to stop us by all means. We saw it clearly at the 9/11 demo. It was pretty easy for our opponents to decimate the number of people attending from expected 20.000 demonstrators to a number between 400 and 500:
At first Thielemans banned the demo. Then the court wouldn’t take the final decision, and various politicians tried to slow down SIOEs process. Furthermore rumours of terrorattacks appeared which were not confirmed at all by the police. And finally, American foreign policy forces were interfering. Apart from wanting to stop the islamisation their first priority is still American foreign politics. Now they try to unite anti-islamic parties in EU, which apparently seems as a good idea, but remember, their efforts will still be on their terms.

SIOE wants something else. We see ourselves as an european grassroot movement, wishing to unite the europeans, putting all disagreements aside and work for the most important thing in Europe right now, to stop the islamisation of Europe. A movement free from political forces. Politicians and parties are always for sale in one way or another.

SIOE has learned from it’s mistakes, and is now presenting a non-hierarchal organisation where all dedicated people are in direct contact with the founders of SIOE. There will be a weekly skype cast, where updates will be provided on SIOE, the demos and the last progresses.


(It’s free to download Skype, and free to use. All you need is a headset (cheap), to be able to communicate via your computer)

Advantages by joining a SIOE skype cast group:

You will get the latest news on SIOE demonstrations and events
You have the possibility to come with suggestions for new SIOE events
You will get the latest news from other countries from the members of your SIOE skypegroup
You will get equalminded friends all over Europe and other countries
You are a part of an equalminded community who have one common aim: To stop the islamisation of Europe.
You’ll meet your skypegroup to the next demonstration

There will be established groups with ten persons in each group, and they will be from various countries, the main language in the beginning will be english, the group will be called and get 5 min. update on our demos and SIOE news, then there will be 5 min. discussion and then the group will be in contact with eachother the rest of the week discussing and getting new ideas to propose. This will also give a possibility for good friendships with people from other countries and people will look forward to meet eachother at the next demonstration.

When you got your skype name, then e-mail it to


The Green Arrow said...

By denying the right of ALL political parties to be represented you have missed an opportunity to show that members of all parties were concerned.

By holding it the day before the Referendum Rally who risk splitting the attendance at both.

I have removed the SIOE link and given my reason on a Message to the SIOE on my blog. Other bloggers feel the same.

That said. Good luck. See you at the referendum rally.

Sparticle said...

Green arrow, even if they were to allow ALL political parties do you really think any of the "big three" would be intersted?

The only party that are concerned about the issues sioe represents are the BNP.
But I suspect the media would just accuse the organisation of being "racist's, nazi's etc, etc even if the party was allowed.

Stephen Gash said...

My own political party is banned.

Political parties have one aim - self promotion.

The reason for holding it the day before the Referendum Rally is so that people like me travelling a long way don't have to make two journeys and use up two weekends.

Whatever decision is made there are some who will disagree.

I have been on a number of demonstrations and not once have I tried to change arrangements or formats. I respect the organisers for actually doing something, to tell them what to do.

The sooner people start accepting that we all differ on certain details the sooner we will all pull together.

We deliberately do not criticise political parties for their policies, but we reserve the right to ask them to stay away as identifable entities because otherwise people who oppose a particular party will stay away.

Every party has its own opposition, but members of all parties agree with SIOE's aims.

We have to try to encourage people to join together against Islamism, regardless of their political beliefs on other matters.

Blue said...

Your media, in western, is a joke to Islam. The media seems to protect Islam with reasons like racists, nazi's, for liberty, equality, freedom etc. But for Sure 10000%, if europe under control of Islam, other civilization's voice will be pressed, even the media itself cannot say the same thing as above if the case is Islam against the others. FOR SURE, Islamists have put power or tricky on your medias by "TAKIYA" and propagandas. HOW STUPID is your media and leaders! Maybe your leaders just wants moneys, womens or oils from their arabs / muslims' friends :-)