Monday, 3 September 2007

SIOE Brussels demo in Nation.Be

Nation.Be has urged its supporters to join the demo

Nation.Be is a French speaking journal. Original French article

Dutch and French speaking folk in Belgium have joined together for the purpose of stopping Islamisation of Europe.

This is historic!

Babal Fish translation

You know without any doubt that a demonstration etaitprevue in Brussels against the Islamization of Europe on next 11 September. It goes without saying the Movement NATION supports thematic this demonstration.

In spite of the inadmissible prohibition of this gathering by the town of Brussels, the organizers of this one (association SIOE: Stop Islamisation Of Europe) maintained their watchword and seem decided well to express in all cases. NATION calls obviously its members and sympathizers to be taken part in it in the compliance with the rules laid down by the organizers (not of flags or logo of the movement in order to increase the unit step).

Many of our sympathizers require details of us. We cannot unfortunately answer it today. A new legal procedure having to be examined on September 5, it is impossible by then giving concrete details on the organization. We thus encourage you to come to visit our site as from September 6, at this same heading. You will find there more details.

Whatever the formula which will be retained, we call right now with a maximum mobilization even if it is one day in week. Symbolic system as far as the attitude more and more liberticide of the authorities make that this day will be particularly important.

No excuses: take leave, find solutions but mobilize you and mobilize around you.
If you accept that one prevents Europeans from expressing on September 11 without reacting concretely, if you do not mobilize yourselves on next 11 September; cease making pretence believe that you will still react in the future. If there is no start this 11 September, it is that there will not be more! The infos follow very soon....

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