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SIOE Brussels demo in Italia Mondo

Italia Mondo

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There is a TV report at the bottom which also appeared on Belgian TV Here on Nation.Be

Eleven september, to Brussels prohibited manifestation anti-Muslim


The eleven september is a painful fresh memory, that it succeeds however to divide for like vien interpreted. In Belgium, to Brussels, "understood them" de facto of communitarian Europe, it is controversy for the prohibition tax from the Common one, and confirmed from the Council of State, to one manifestation against "the islamizzazione of Europe". To proporla it is the international group "Stop the Islamisation of Europe" (Sioe), than in July the initiative just for the anniversary of the attacks to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon had launch.

The manifestation must have had place in front of the local center of the European Parliament, in order to ask, between the other, the block of muslim immigration (incompatible with the state of right, moreover) and to protest in a generalized manner against the "scivolamento" in the buonismo in the comparisons of one often intenzionata truth is not made to integrate.

The first altolà, in the consisting fear of crashs with community Muslim, has arrived 9 August from the mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans, Socialist, immediately stamped like the "Great Muftì of Belgium" from the Sioe. For irony overflow, the 11 september will be 63esimo the birthday of Thielemans, mangiapreti old style already under shooting for previous gaffes not exactly of good taste. The Council of State has then confirmed the decision taken from the first citizen, rejecting the resource introduced from the organizers.

The forehead "Stop the Islamisation of congerie Europe" sees re-united one of groups antiMuslims between which the Danish party Siad, the Dutch Sharia Here (Holland have not become much sensitive one after some serious facts of report like the homicide of the director Theo van Gogh from part of fanati and the vicissitude of Ayaan Hirsi Alì, the former forced parliamentarian to us to try shelter and political side in the USA) and the Germans of Pax Europe. The support received from members of the skillful extreme fiamminga, historically strongly, of sure has not giovato to the cause of the manifestation.

The Alloy North has protests to you through its capodelegazione, europarlamentare Mario Borghezio, for which "the fundamental rights of the European Union come viola you". And the rifuto to authorize the manifestation, in a Country like the crawling Belgium in preda to the most serious political crisis of its history marked from hatred between fiamminghi and Walloons, it comes read from more parts not like one will to repudiate xenofobia of whichever sign and tendency, but like a sign of extreme weakness. The extremists of the two parts are use.

Video: Blocked protest anti Islam to Brussels

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Stephen Gash said...

No Sharia Here is English, of course, not Dutch, but the Italian press have made the Dutch connection a few times.

Still the message is getting out