Monday, 17 September 2007

We now move on

The Brussels SIOE demo was a success in that

1. We brought to the attention of the world's media that Europeans are no longer prepared to be dictated to by an oligarchy of self-serving politicians who are hell-bent (literally) on destroying Western values in Europe.

2. It exposed what lengths grubby little men like Thielemans and Schulz are prepared to go to in suppressing those who dissent from their views.

3. It exposed what lengths such people are prepared to go to in assuring their double-standards are maintained, at the expense of ordinary Europeans who wish to maintain democracy.

4. The world saw that ordinary people are willing to come together to voice their strong opposition to the insidious Islamisation of their continent and Sharia by stealth.

5. A network of people was established which will now see SIOE expand into Belgium, The Czech Republic, Poland, Holland and other countries.

6. It showed the world that people recognised that Kalifascist terrorists were the only ones who committed the gross acts of mass murder on 11th September 2001.

7. A minute's silence was held to commemorate the victims of the 11th September 2001 Islamist terrorist attacks.

8. A petition of 10,000+ signatures was handed to Mayor Thielemans protesting against his disgraceful curtailment of free speech and the right to assemble in the political capital of the European Union.

SIOE wishes to thank all those who attended the Luxembourg Place rally despite the flagrant act of sabotage that undoubtedly confused people and kept thousands away.

SIOE wishes to thank Gerard Batten MEP for taking the petition and passing it on to Thielemans.

We thank those MEPs who supported our right to freely assemble, even though they may have disagreed with what our protest was about.

We now move on!

Two events are planned, one in London and the second in Marseilles.

We are not allowed to publicise the London event yet, but hopefully details will be published this week.

Suffice it to say, the London event will be against Islamo-fascism and Kuffarphobia.

Brussels was the first battle of the war to Stop Islamisation Of Europe and now ordinary, peace-loving people are joining together to continue the war towards our ultimate victory, by doing it the Western, democratic way - BY PEACEFUL PROTEST




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