Saturday, 1 September 2007

Brussels latest news

SIOE is taking all legal steps to have reinstated its peaceful and openly declared non-racist Stop Islamisation Of Europe demonstration scheduled for 11th September in Brussels.

So on Wednesday 5th September SIOE formally appeals to Belgium’s Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) to have Mayor Thielemans’s ban overturned.

Later the same day SIOE will publish on its sites the assembly point, start time, planned route for the march and final place where speakers will address the rally.

Also, the names of speakers already accepted may be published. Volunteers, particularly representing organisations are welcome to speak, subject to approval, so please email SIOE if you wish to do so.

Travellers are best advised to arrive in Brussels incognito with no distinguishing dress or objects.

At the allotted time in the allotted place people will identify each other by raising an object, which will be described on 5th September on the SIOE site.

It is considered that the civil rights song “We shall overcome” might be sung.

The rallying cries, previously agreed with the Brussels police, namely

Enough is enough!

No Sharia here

Democracy not theocracy

may be used, depending on the circumstances, which will be made clear on 5th September.

So Watch-time is 5th September!

Make your travel arrangements now! History is in the making, so be part of it!

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Here's a suggestion why the mayor of Brussels gags free speech: