Friday, 7 September 2007

SIOE PRESS RELEASE. Meet up 9/11, twelve o’clock at Luxembourg Square

Our decision based upon the legal proceedings

Today, the civil court to which SIOE’s lawyer, Hugo Coveliers, made the second appeal to overturn Mayor Thielemans’s ban ruled itself “incompetent” to make a decision.

This was because the first court to hear SIOE’s appeal, namely the National Council, had not yet made its decision on the Mayor’s unilateral ban.

The National Council had declared that a decision could take up to two years and the civil court today said it could not itself make a ruling until the National Council had completed its own proceedings.

Therefore, neither court has declared that the Stop Islamisation Of Europe demonstration is illegal.

In SIOE’s opinion the demonstration was prepared according to European Union laws protecting free speech and the right to assemble, and therefore, will proceed as planned.

Information for participants:

Five telephone numbers will be made available for persons to request directions and other assistance, on the day of the demo. Watch SIOE’s websites for details.

Another telephone number will be provided for people to ask for legal assistance, on the day, should it be required.

SIOE’s prime concern has always been the safety of participants.

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