Saturday, 22 September 2007

A slight change in “Aims and rules”

We have received an enormous number of emails from Flemish people many of whom are not Vlaams Belang members, but nevertheless angered by SIOE’s refusal to allow the Flemish flag to be flown in its 11th September demonstration in Brussels.

We wish to say that our intentions were honourable and we meant no sleight to the Flemish people.

The Wallonian cockerel would also have been disallowed, as would the Basque flag.

So we were not picking on Flanders.

In our efforts to keep things simple for the FIRST EVER Stop Islamisation demonstration we decided that if a country had a World Cup football team, then it could fly its flag.

Yes, it may be considered to be a trivial basis, but we had to make a decision, based on the reasons we have stated.

In contrast SIOE also received a large number of emails and phone calls praising us on our Aims and Rules and understanding what we were trying to do.

However, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we have learnt from our experience and will try to please most people most of the time.

Therefore, all future SIOE demonstrations will permit the flying of recognised regional flags in addition to national flags.

We reserve the right to stick to our other rules, which forbid political parties promoting themselves and for SIOE organisers to decide on which banners are appropriate for each demonstration, rally or other SIOE activity.

We ask people to understand that this is purely to keep to the single message of Stop Islamisation Of Europe, thereby focusing the media’s attention on this alone.

As promised, SIOE will publicise and promote activities against Islamism by other groups, unless we consider a particular group to be itself against SIOE’s own stated principles.

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