Wednesday, 3 October 2007



Chief Steward is Stephen Gash Assistant Chief Steward is Anders Gravers.



An event organised by “Stop Islamisation Of Europe” (SIOE)

To coincide with Islamo-fascism Awareness week in which events are being held across the USA highlighting the bullying by Islamists against non-Muslims throughout the world

To protest against Kuffarphobia – the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists.

To protest against the persecution of non-Muslims via Sharia law in Islamic countries.

To protest against the under-reporting or even total lack of reporting about such persecution in Western media.

To protest against the Islamisation of Europe by the changing of existing Western laws and practices to suit Islamic practices, in the name of “multicultural diversity”.

To protest against the entry of Turkey into the European Union especially now it has elected an openly Islamist Prime Minister and government who wish to replace secularism with Sharia law.

To protest against the second-class status of women in Islamic countries, particularly regarding sexuality, jurisprudence and education.

Millions of non-Muslims are systematically being persecuted because they live under Sharia law in Islamic countries.

In Egypt people are being imprisoned for leaving Islam, an offence under Sharia law, indeed this is a capital offence in many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia.

In Malaysia Islamic apostates are unable to have “Islam” removed from their official documents because it is now against Malaysia’s laws to leave Islam. This denies a person’s fundamental rights even to the funeral of their choice.

In Indonesia Christians and other non-Muslims are persecuted to such an extent that tens of thousands have been displaced. Enforced emplantation of Muslims in Indonesian New Guinea is underway which is tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

Similar ethno-religious cleansing is taking place in Kosovo where Christian Serbs are being ousted from that part of Serbia, seemingly aided and abetted by the United Nations and NATO.

In the Middle East Copts and Assyrians are being persecuted by Islamists with the apparent approval of governments in that region.

Armenians were systematically eliminated, simply for being non-Muslims, by one of the grossest acts of genocide. Although perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire this act of mass murder is denied by the Turkish authorities. Turkey wishes to join the European Union even though denial of genocide is illegal in several EU countries, notably Belgium.

In Thailand and the Philippines terrorist murders are enacted on a daily basis by Islamists seeking to set up Islamic states.

Elsewhere Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists are oppressed and subjugated by Islamic authorities. The list seems endless.

Disgracefully, most of this Islamic persecution is never reported in the Western Media.

Rules for the demonstration

Political parties are banned, but members of any political party may attend the demonstration as individuals provided they adhere to the rules of the demonstration.

Permitted flags, banners, placards and regalia

SIOE placards are permitted

National flags and recognised regional flags are permitted.

Flags identifying persecuted minorities in Islamic countries are permitted, subject to the approval of the Chief Steward.

Banners and placards highlighting persecution of minority groups in Islamic countries are permitted, subject to the approval of the Chief Steward.

Flags, banners and placards identifying women’s groups are permitted.

SIOE slogans:-

Stop Kuffarphobia

No Sharia Here!

Democracy Not Theocracy!

Enough is Enough!

Banned items

Anything identifying any political party

Nazi, Fascist and Communist (Hammer and Sickle) symbols and logos

Illegal items such as those inciting violence


Assembly - Whitehall Place 12.00

Procession 13.00


Northumberland Avenue
Victoria Embankment
Under Waterloo Bridge
Temple Place

Speeches to be made in Temple Place before dispersal

Contact details

Stephen Gash
SIOE England
Tel 0044 1228 547317 (international dialling)
Tel 01228 547317 (UK dialling)

Anders Gravers (speaks English)

SIOE Denmark
Tel 0045 9677 1784
00456191 6026


Sparticle said...

I think everyone in the country should see this MUST SEE video:-


Stephen Gash said...

Yes I've been on about Common Purpose for months.

The only trouble with this video is Brian Gerrish's statement about Muslims being the new Jews, in other words they are the new scapegoat.

Until Muslims kick Islamists out of their mosques, stop making demands on the rest of us and accept English law id the law we all abide by, they are the problem and not the scapegoat.

Islamism is a problem for Muslims all over the world, it is not the problem of non-Muslims.

Common Purpose has spread in other EU countries and is a real problem because of its "diversity" problem.

Sparticle said...

I agree with that.
I wonder if brian's aware that we are a fadig race in our own country while the muslims are breeding like flies

DP111 said...


I do not accept the dilineation between Islam and Islamism. There is just one Koran, and so just one Islam. All Muslim scholars are agreed on this. It is only Islam's Western apologists who have conjured up such devices to hide the dismal failure of their liberal policies.

The so called moderate Moslems are simply waiting for the Jihadis to complete the task of implementing sharia in Britain. They have no option other then that, as the Jihadis have the Koran on their side. "Moderate" Moslems are also the population group in which the Jihadis find ready cover.

Moderate Moslems also fund the Jihad by donating to the mosque, or living off benefits, engage in crime and other such activities, thus damaging the Infidel economy.

In the meantime the demographic time bomb (moderate Muslims again) continues to tick until sharia can be implemented by force. Till then it will be more requests by moderate Muslims for interfaith dialogue, and Taqqiya and Kitman techniques, till they are not required anymore. That essentially has been the history of Islam when it has been unable to implement Islam by the sword.

DP111 said...

Time will come when Muslims will demand a separate state in Britain for Muslims. It is koran ordained, and muslims are simply following their religion. They cannot be blamed - it is we, or our idiot and ignorant politicians who we elected, who have saddled us with a problem far far worse then the Nazis ever posed.


catmar said...

Stephen I have to agree whole heartedly with what dp111 said. Unless Muslim immigration is stopped and Islam outlawed in the UK we are finished as a Nation. It is that serious folks.

Stephen Gash said...

SIOE has openly said that it has a problem with the concept of "moderate" Muslims because every Islamic country is moving towards the doctrines of Saudi Arabia and Iran - out and out Sharia law.

Also opinion polls show that approaching half of Muslims in Britain want Sharia law in Britain. We believe the rest are practising Taqiyya or they are closet apostates, but too scared to say so.

We are giving the latter to leave Islam.

IThirst4Knowledge said...

I agree 100% with dp111 - there is 'One' quran.

Therefore there are "NO RADICAL" islamics, there is only iSLAM!

There are those islamics that Personally "DO" the slaughter and ALL the rest "CONDONE" it!

iSLAM because it is 100% evil MUST be eradicated for the sake of ALL humanity!

kevinfred51 said...

Are the symbols of Gay groups allowed ?

Have you sought the support of GAy organisations ?

USpace said...

Be careful on Friday, God bless you all. We must continue to stand up to this madness.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you have NO rights

to hate religions
that demand to convert you

absurd thought -
God of the Universe calls
for sick ideologies

that deny human rights
KILL adulterers and gays

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't learn about jihad

wanting to know or teach
is RACIST say the WACKOS