Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Although SIOE supporters have been eagerly awaiting news, SIOE has deliberately delayed reporting on the “Stop Kuffarphobia and Kalifascism” demonstration held on 26th October for two reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to ascertain how much the event was reported in the mainstream news.

Secondly, this week saw the visit of the Saudi Arabian Government to the United Kingdom, and SIOE wanted to see how this would be covered in the news (and also whether any people demonstrating against the visit would be beaten up by thugs as SIOE/Siad members were in Denmark recently).

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream news outlets completely suppressed any coverage of the Stop Kuffarphobia ans Kalifascism demonstration. In fact the only “news” item covering the event was a rant from someone on a website called Indymedia UK.

In this bulletin entitled “15 Lonely Fascists Protest in Central London” the purpose of the demonstration was erroneously described as being for “freedom of speech”. Of course, by default, the demo was for freedom of speech, but as stated on the press release sent to every national daily newspaper in England and also to the mainstream broadcasting media, the demo was called “Stop Kuffarphobia and Kalifascism”.

Also, the moderated comments (well I assume they are moderated because they haven’t published my reasonable response to the article) included this one;-

"Led by fascist Stephen Gash
27.10.2007 08:48
ex-National Front member and now in the English Democrats Party campaigning for greater rights for the indigenous E.nglish (white folks). There 25-30 on the demo, half fash, and half gullible Zionist 'kapos'."

theonlygoodfascist (this is the person’s username and describes him/her exactly)

This is a blatant lie. Stephen Gash has never been a member of the National Front.

However, it is well known that Communists, Nazis and Islamists, i.e. totalitarianists have three things in common: bullying, lying and blaming somebody else for their own failings.

It beggars belief that Google News considers Indymedia UK is worthy of falling within its sphere of newsgathering.

The demonstration actually comprised 55 people (counted) from the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and other EU countries. I have since received an email saying that some people turned up after the demo had moved off and suggesting we left the assembly point early. We apologise to those people.

Several organisations representing communities persecuted in Islamic countries were invited to attend, including Armenians, Assyrians, Copts, Hindus, Sikhs and Zoroastrians. After showing initial enthusiasm all of these groups dropped out, one of these on the actual day.

All I would say to each of these groups is that when a friendly hand is offered to you that enables you to highlight your people’s plight to an unsympathetic media, you had best grasp that hand.

However, the vanguard against islamism moved to Temple Place with no incident. There was no counter demo and the only Islamo-fascist present was probably the one who wrote the article described above.

German demonstrators who are determined not to enslave their future by shackling themselves to Germany’s past. Having been freed from the spectre of Nazism Germany refuses to be ensnared in a Nazislam regime which condemns non-Muslims to be second-class citizens.

SIOE supporter displaying one of SIOE’s rallying cries which says it all.

A supporter of the German site Politically Incorrect. The author of the site and his family were recently threatened with murder by an Islamist outside of his house. And they have the nerve to call those opposing Sharia law fascists.

Two demonstrators who prefer English Common Law to Sharia law

An American supporter talks to his British colleague both of whom wanted to expose the plight of Christians in Islamic Egypt which is universally ignored by the Western media

Anders Gravers the fearless Dane and co-founder of SIOE smiles with fellow demonstrators who oppose Sharia law in Europe. Anders was still carrying the wounds of the recent attack in which his partner was severely injured preventing her from coming to London.

Some of the multi-national participants gathered in Temple Place

Stephen Gash speaking at the demo

Rufus Greenbaum addresses the demo

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