Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mind boggling

I had two interesting phone calls recently.

The first was from an irate muslim who asked “do you know what Islam means? It means peace!”

I explained that it means submission, but he wouldn’t have it.

He then said that “whatever muslims did in their own country” (killing non-muslims and so on) “was their business”.

When I replied “OK so muslims can do what they like in their own country, but I can’t demonstrate against it in mine?” he replied “Yes” meaning I had no right to demonstrate “because it would incite hatred”.

Maybe this is why there is a complete media blackout on Islamist murders of non-muslims in the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and in other parts of the world. Reporting such hate-filled crimes would incite hatred.

He asked for an example of where sharia was infiltrating English life and I gave the infamous example of where non-muslim schoolchildren were fed halal turkey at Christmas. He argued that nothing was wrong with that. When I asked whether it would be wrong to feed muslim children haram (non-halal) meat he whined “of course that would be wrong”.

To a Western mind his attitude would be considered flagrant hypocrisy, but I doubt whether he sees it so?

It was pointless arguing about islamism with someone who doesn’t even know what the word ‘Islam’ means.

The second phone call was an even more mind-boggling interchange.

I phoned a foremost women’s rights group and asked if they would be sending representatives along to the London demo on 26th October.

After calling me a racist (does the accusation mean anything anymore, it has been cheapened so much?) the women at the other end of the line explained that most if not all islamist activity was due to the Iraq war.

When I asked “so let me get this right, women are treated badly in some Islamic countries because of the Iraq war?” she answered “yes”.

The conversation left me in no doubt that a once worthy women’s rights organisation has become just another spin-off of the anti-war coalition.

Don’t get me wrong. I am against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but for a completely different reason to not only that given by the anti-war coalition, but also to just about any other reason people have offered for being against either war.


DP111 said...


I'm really surprised that you make your phone available to all and sundry. Apart from placing your life at risk, it will just lead to unpleasant arguments with people who are either ignorant or willfully ignorant. You are doing far too important a job to waste your time, and the equanimity of your mind to argue with such people.

Taqiyya and Darura.

In the case of Muslim interlocutors, I will place them in the "willfully ignorant" camp, for I can think of no Muslim who actually believes that Islam means peace. This person is just trying to play to the generally ignorant Westerner, as have all the main Muslim organisations in the UK - parroting about Islam means peace. They know it doesnt mean that, but in the interest of advancing the cause of Islam it is "permitted", under the Islamic principle of "Taqiyya" and "Darura" i.e., necessity. Under the latter let out clause, a Muslim, if he feels that it is necessary to protect Islam, will even go to the extent of eating pork, or even desecrating the Koran.

Now the last you will find hard to credit, as everyone is aware how Muslims get upset to anyone mishandling the koran. However a Muslim will desecrate the koran if it is necessary to protect Islam or its advance. This was taught by a Sufi Muslim theologian to his students, that destroying the physical koran meant nothing as long as the true Muslim kept the verses in his heart, and brought them to play when there was no need for "darura".

We are fighting an enemy that has our number, but we, or atleast the MSM and our political elite have been duped thoroughly. It is a Looking Glass war we are engaged in.

Jay said...


My first comment to your blog. I commend your brave and principled stand. I shall be viewing your blog with interest. I am a UK resident (Manchester) and have been viewing the jihad/anti-jihad sites for quite some time now. Yours is a welcome addition and I wish you well.

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

So saving the Kurds from genocide is not a good reason for war? Did you feel the same way about intervention in Bosnia?

surj said...

I am glad that at last people are waking up to see how evil Islam is. We have a uphill struggle, because there are still lot of people asleep whom we have to be shaken from their deep sleep. To, Jay, log on www.faithfreedom.org www.thereligionofpeace.com you will learn more about Muslims/Islam

Jay said...
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