Thursday, 18 October 2007

Islamic riots in Amsterdam

Following the death of a Muslim who burst into a police station and stabbed two officers, Moroccan “youths” are rioting and setting cars on fire in Amsterdam.

A part of the Amsterdam policeforce, the Amsterdam dept. of the police union(acp), and the citydistrict chairman of Amsterdam-Slotervaart, Achmed Marcouch, believe that now is the time to take firm actions against the persons who are starting riots in the part of Amsterdam in which Bilal B. was shot dead after he had stabbed down two policewomen. These two policewomen were severly wounded in the neck and in the back.

“The way we are dealing with it so far, doesn’t work”, said the chairman Kees van der Roer, who works at the police station at the Allabéplein where the stabbing took place.According to van der Roer, the police doesn’t get enough support of the mayor Job Cohen. The pressure and frustration at the policeforce is highly present. Drinking tea with islamists doesn”t solve anything. If even imams can’t get a grip on their own people, we have to act more radical.

Achmed Marcouch is also asking for a more firm approach. “I strongly advised for a more firm approach against the group who are now terrorizing the streets and who don’t give a shit about anything.
The police reacted in the media, that they will use extreme force if neccesary. Make no mistake about that, according to a police spokesman. Within the policeforce there is no discussion regarding the way to handle the people who are starting riots. Mayor Cohen said that the police exactly know which persons are starting the riots. It’s a group of criminals who are very smart. Whoever, he pointed out, it’s not easy to arrest these people because the police has to know for sure who are quilty of breaking the law. Until now there has been no arrests.
Mayor Cohen says there is no ground to take firm actions! The police are not allowed to take any firm actions against moroccan rioting persons.

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