Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Saudi Arabian STATE visit

Contrast the total media blackout of the Stop Kuffarphobia and Kalifascism demo in London with the protests against the visit this week of the Royal Saudi family, which ended today.

There was plenty of publicity about those protests.

One would think that some politicians were closet members of SIOE. For example the acting leader of the Liberal Democrats Party, Vince Cable, boycotted the visit, saying “I have, in my arguments, also been very critical of members of the Saudi royal family and the Saudi record on human rights, including its maltreatment of British citizens."

Labour MP John McConnell reportedly said “The British people will be aghast at the Government entertaining on a state visit one of the most prominent and human-rights abusing leaders in the world.”

Now both of these politicians are described as “left wing”. Therefore, our “liberal free press” enables them to make statements condemning the Saudi regime.

However, as we all know, Saudi Arabia is the centre of Sunni Islam and the Saudi Royal family’s promotes its vicious doctrine across the world, especially Europe, where it funds at best immodest, or at worst triumphal building projects including mosques and Islamic centres.

SIOE considers Saudi Arabia to be in the forefront in the Islamisation of Europe.

Perversely, the media describe SIOE as “right wing” for demonstrating against Islamism, but John McConnell MP is “left wing.” Presumably one reason is because this week he joined human rights demonstrators protesting about the Saudi Government’s state visit to the United Kingdom.

The only difference between the likes of Vince Cable and John McConnell when compared to SIOE, is that SIOE recognises that the human rights abuses perpetrated in Saudi Arabia are due to Sharia law being the jurisprudence practiced in that country.

The operative word here folks, is LAW!

In Europe we can challenge bad LAW by lobbying government ministers or our own local politician to do so on our behalf. However, in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries with Sharia LAW as the judicial system, challenging the LAW is forbidden because it is “the unassailable word of Allah”.

Hence, Sharia LAW is the vehicle for the nastiest and most oppressive totalitarian system devised, namely, Islamism. Islamists say Sharia LAW is the vehicle for Islam and, therefore, the will of Allah. SIOE would not presume to disagree.

This is exactly why we do not want Sharia LAW in Europe.

Where would Vince Cable and John McConnell be if Sharia LAW became the judicial system in Europe? Hanging from a crane more likely than not.

SIOE observes that the dar-al-Islam (the world of Islam) is gravitating towards the theocratic despotism of Sunni Saudi Arabia, or the Shia theocratic despotism of Iran.

Turkey, Malaysia and Egypt have swung this way from, what Vince Cable and John McConnell and most of our other politicians would call, “moderate Islam”.

These same politicians, our “liberal free press” and self-styled “liberal left” condemn SIOE for pointing out the obvious. However, the same people feel free to join human rights demonstrations (when the fancy takes them) opposing Saudi Arabian state visits.

I wonder what these politicians would do if they were actually Prime Minister?

The only time a politician speaks the truth is when he calls another politician a liar. However, rules forbid politicians speaking the truth in the United Kingdom Parliament.

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