Monday, 15 October 2007


On the 2nd of November it’s been three years ago that Theo van Gogh has been ritually murdered

Unfortunately, soon after the murder it was business as usual. Despite “The Cry”, the statue, erected in remembrance of Theo van Gogh, Holland seems to be fallen asleep again. Regrettably it’s expected that one even might forget the date of his assassination and the reason why. Political correctness is all around us and we cry out no more.

Theo did cry out for the sake of freedom of speech. His quotes are still applying to this very day.

Some of his quotes were:

“Sooner or later Israel will be driven into the sea and the world will look and do nothing about it because they silently agree”

“Censorship is the swamp that will run people into the ground”

“I’m not looking forward to live in a country what is oppressed by political correctness and where the “goat-fuckers” (Muslims) will be calling the shots”

SIOE Netherlands finds that the heritage of Theo van Gogh may not be forgotten.

That’s why SIOE Netherlands calls upon everybody to go to the Linnaeusstreet in Amsterdam, at the spot where he was murdered, on the 2nd of November in remembrance of Theo van Gogh.

Please take notice of the fact that it will be a silent gathering and no demonstration. There also will be taken one minute of silence in account around 1300 hrs.

SIOE International will be putting flowers at the Dutch embassies in England, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France and Russia.

Theo van Gogh may not be forgotten. We hope this might be the start of a peoples movement which is fully aware that our government in the Netherlands is condoning Islamism and therefore, in the end, our identity will sees to exist.

SIOE Nederland
Stop Islamisering van Nederland

Skype: monique.sioe.nederland

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DP111 said...

Van Gogh's ritual slaughter, and I mean that, by a follower of Mohammed, will not be forgotten. Though the Dutch people are trying to suppress his death, it will keep coming up in their conscious, always reminding them of the sacrifice this one man made for freedom, and the Netherlands.

We should also not forget Daniel Pearl, that poor innocent, who was slaughtered like a sacrificial goat, while his beheaders chanted traditional Islamic verses.

Rest in peace Van Gogh.