Wednesday, 31 October 2007

“Know your enemy and you will not be defeated”

Sun Zi c. 544 – 496 BC said:

“Know your enemy and you will not be defeated”

While you are reading this with all your mental faculties trained in a Western democratic perspective that questions, weighs, and ponders, that gives time to consider the other side of an argument, the followers of Islam who have made themselves your enemy, and are not burdened by this reasoning indoctrinate their children with hatred for everything you believe in and want for your children’s future. Men and women are being fed a diet of contempt and hatred for each and every individual that does not bend the knee to the god of Islam and to its vision for your future.

What our society sees and prizes as a virtue they see as a weakness, their ideology has no fear, what is there to fear from our society bound by its own laws and a people emasculated by rules?

A people they see as decadent, and a society they see as worthless!

They know their enemy, they know our weaknesses they know how to use our own laws and morality against us. They are with every minute working for the destruction of our way of life, this is their aim, their goal, this is their raison d’être!

These words were penned more than 2000 years ago; they should be a warning for us. [Proverbs 1:32]

“ ..the simpleton turns a deaf ear and comes to grief, and the stupid are ruined by their own complacency.”

History has countless examples of nations that have fallen because of complacency, or because of short sighted ignorance about the adversary they were facing.

Around 539.BC the city of Babylon fell to an army of Medes and Persians lead by King Cyrus.

This great city that stood astride the Euphrates was considered impregnable. In a single night the city fell without a fight because they did not know the enemy they were facing, their complacency and over confidence was their downfall.

At the start of world war two Britain and America had the same complacent view of Japan, it was a popular belief in America that the Japanese could not possibly make good pilots as they all wore glasses. Britain viewed Japan with disdain and believed Singapore was impregnable, they failed in the most basic sense to understand their enemy, and Japan made them suffer, humiliating Britain throughout South East Asia. Not until the British understood the Japanese soldier and the ethos that drove him did they have any success against this ruthless enemy.

Everyone who enjoys the freedom to worship or not worship a divine being, everyone who gets up each morning and has the freedom of choice needs to wake up and know just what a fragile entity this gift is! We can lose this overnight just as those in Babylon lost their city through complacency; we too have no stronger grip on our freedoms.

Islam is on the march throughout the world, the warning signs are all around us, and the writing is on the wall. Who among us is paying attention, who among us is sounding the warning?

Those insane statements made by Muslims… “ Islam is the future for Britain” “Islam will rule the world” “Behead those that insult Islam” “Kill Jews and Christians”.

This is not the random ranting of a few extremists; this is the belief system that is being indoctrinated into Muslims worldwide, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Islam does not allow for moderation Islam is elitist and uncompromising, Islam does not allow for free thinking and questioning. To Muslims tolerance is an anathema, and free thought is dangerous, they do not believe there are two sides to this argument, to them there is just their one and the wrong one!

Do not allow yourself to be the pawn of the liberal left and its unholy bedfellow Islam, before it is too late take action and join others making a stand for Europe.


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