Saturday, 20 October 2007

SIOE demonstration against the hypocrites from Saudi Arabia

SIOE Denmark has announced a demonstration in connection with the Saudi Arabian Human Rights commission’s visit in Denmark.
The demonstration has been reported to the police, who will be present.

The demonstration takes place outside Institute for Human Rights at Strandgade 56, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, on Sunday the 21st October at 13.30 to, at the latest 16.30.

The demonstration’s title is: “Look yourself in the mirror”

There will be posters with beheadings and hand-cuttings.

There will be signs with “Hypocrites out of Denmark” “Look yourself in the mirror” “Human Right’s Saudi Arabia? Or hypocrisy?” “How do you treat gay’s in Saudi Arabia?” “How do you treat women in Saudi Arabia?” “How do you treat apostates of Islam in Saudi Arabia?” “How do you treat so-called robbers in Saudi Arabia?”

5 crosses with pictures of the sacrifices for Islam in Denmark and the rest of the world will be held aloft at the demonstration.

Speeches will be held.

If you didn’t express your opinion fully during the Cartoon-crisis, you have the possibility now.

Do you also think that it’s completely insane that the Danes paying with their own money have to be taught about human rights by a crowd of barbarians?

Then meet up and make your opinion known!

The insanity must stop NOW!

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