Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New SIOE England site and anti-Jihad

SIOE England has moved to http://sioeengland.wordpress.com

This blog is renamed England Anti Jihad and will cater for the growing demand for more physical "in your face" anti-Jihad activities.

It is obvious that there is a groundswell, not only in England, but across Europe, of people who are keen to combat jihad.

Therefore anti-Jihad sites are being set up in each country. Anti-Jihad will comprise autonomous small groups of the kind already existing in Freedom Fighters of England - so why not do the same? Four trustworthy pals is all it takes.

This is left to people themselves to organise. Obviously trusting your buddies and not shooting your mouths off are essential. Small-cells working alone is how Jihadists work. Anti-Jihadists must do the same.

SIOE is not responsible for anti-Jihad activities, but this site will point to where Jihad is happening in England.

So for regular SIOE reports go to http://sioeengland.wordpress.com

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Dhirendra Pandey said...

My simple question for all Islamic scholars .. If Islam preaches equality between men and women then why is burqa only imposed upon men? Why not burqa for men too? Women too can get attracted by men.. Also homosexuality is also a threat to public morality. Men can get attracted by men... Kindly resolve this issue before laying foundation for global islamic ummah