Sunday, 10 February 2008

No sharia here campaign


This is going to appear all over England.

This is the rallying cry.

Are you going to be part of it?


Natasha said...

pass this around to all solidarity against Islam sites,

make these posts into ezines and then pass them out all over the place--

not everyone reads blogs. While blogs are good,

they aren't reliable in getting the word out unless majority read them--which, the majority of working class folks don't.

time to adapt some anarchist moves here and start organizing,

WAMI is working on two campaigns,

one, a rebuttal of propaganda series to refute the far left hypocrisy in their support of Islamists--which is contrary to far left theory,

and, a parity campaign, to use in protests--RETURN TO MEDIEVAL VIRTUE CAMPAIGN,

eventually to be used in street guerrilla warfare, using skits to show the absurdity of tolerating a dark age cult, such as Islam.

That idea was came to WAMI as a strategy against Sharia,

the next thing WAMI is going to do is post on how to do direct action and anarchist type of protests, underground work, etc.,

because its needed in the warfare against Islamization.

It literally has to be taken to the streets--to get noticed,

using strategies to confront the absurdity and betrayal of the left governments, using their own damn logic against them.


I used to work in far left, I am anarchist leftist, feminist, and diabolically opposed to Islam.

I got out of far left party because I refused to be silent and I would not compromise my beliefs on human rights or women's rights, am opposed to anti-Semitism and theocratic rule of any kind,

I confront the left, for their hypocrisy and Traitorous bullshit to the working class with their lying in bed with capitalist Islamists feudalists.

I also work as an ally with any who oppose Islam, including the right I'm taking what I know from working in left direct action, to aid those at war against Islamization.

Its time to build a network of direct action, across the world. that is what I plan on doing, with what I can,

the Next time the theocratic moonbats have their stupid little Sharia demands protest you guys and gals need to have an

parity opposing protest, Demanding for Medieval Virtue laws, like they had in England back in the 6th-12th century wearing the full Medieval costumes and all--say its for global peace with our Medieval friends

in other words, be a smart ass about it, but serious too,

and be forceful about it. the media will cover it, because its so absurd, THATS WHAT YOU WANT.

If they can insist on dark ages, why can't all of us, in our own religions and cultures--after all,

no compulsion of religion and they [islamists] never said, that they opposed Medieval Christianity or Judaism--or any Medieval way,

if people really thought there would be a return to Medieval ages [Dark ages] against all modernization they would revolt--because they Think its only a minority group with their own minority laws,

they don't think its a threat--

its time to show them that it is, And the point is, if you do a protest parity of sorts like this, the media will of course say, its ridiculous, we could never go back to 12th century,

thats when you say, how xenophobic of you...and why not? If the Islamists can have medieval laws like Sharia, then why can't we?

Seriously, know it sounds hilarious and of course it is, but sometimes humor, can be extremely beneficial when used politically. And the Return to Medieval Virtue campaign is something you could do in groups at every single protest, holding up your own signs of Medieval English laws,

demands for women not to be educated and demands for feudalism and so forth--

the English laws are on the WAMI site [link] on the Medieval posts,

there are also links to how to make the costumes,

we like the big cones with the giant veils for women--sure, they look hilarious, THATS THE POINT.

The EU and the apologists want to pander to Dark Ages then by golly,


Natasha said...

ALSO, IF YOU WEAR THE VEILS [MEDIEVAL], and if the men wear knight face things,

they can't know who you are==think,

anarchists with the scarfs covering face--so when you hit the streets in full Medieval gear, be sure to make your faces covered--

ever see Guerrilla Girls?

Thats what you want, keep it anon but, keep it public...


WAMI will be posting a lot more on anti-Islam Direct Action weeks to come. For those of you in Europe who want to do something--

but keep it underground, ezines would be a way to go...I'll Post some info on how to do those today on the WAMI blog.

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