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The danger of Hizb ut-Tahrir or what we are up against

From SIOE Nederland

The danger of Hizb ut-Tahrir or what we are up against

Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT) , (Party of Liberation) calls on its followers to take action to prevent the release of the Wilders movie. If necessary the use of force and violence is permitted, apparently. Some quotes on the internet petition "Stop badgering islam": "Warning, hell will break loose". "May allah ensure Wilders and all who are helping him break their necks". "Have they not learned what happened to Theo van Gogh".

"Who knows what will happen", says Okay (what's in a name) Pala, the leader of HUT in The Netherlands. "People are not taking it anymore".

Meanwhile HUT collected thousands of signatures on their internet petition. If the minister of Internal Affairs Ter Horst receives this petition, she will read comments like: "What you all need is a severe bombing".

What is HUT?

According to the Dutch Secret Service HUT can be a real threat to our democracy. In 2005 Wilders called for a total ban on HUT. In September 2005 the Dutch Government replied to him that HUT is not a threat to our democracy and they are not planning violent anti-democratic actions. Meanwhile the support for HUT is growing. HUT is an organization with a military structure. They don't accept nor acknowledge freedom of speech and democracy. As far as they are concerned there's only one alternative and that's the "divine" word of allah.

HUT's fight for a re-instatement of the kalifate, an islamic state governed by orthodox sharia legislation. To accomplish this goal violence is permitted. Through flyers HUT calls on to muslims to fight "evil" and reminds muslims that it's their duty to defend the "noble" quran.

HUT is active in forty different countries. Its nerve centre is based in London, its HQ is based in Jordan. HUT wants to overthrow governments. In the West HUT tries to unify muslims to avoid assimilation. Capitalism and democracy are the works of "satan" and “should fought intensely. "HUT is anti-zionist and hates intensely secular governments. It completely avoids any contact with people who think differently. HUT has a 'confrontational and polarising message,' " says the Dutch Secret Service.

The conclusion of SIOE:

By their own words, HUT is the true face of islam. The support for it grows fast. We draw the conclusion that islam reveals itself more and more as a facist and a terrorist organization in Holland. It's manifesto is the quran, its followers are muslims. They have to be stopped. Under the Resolution of Lisbon, which will take effect in 2009, this organization (islam) should be forbidden. Recent developments within islam shows that we cannot wait until 2009, we simply haven't got the time.

HUT wants to destroy all people who are “slandering” islam like: Geert Wilders, Ehsan Jami, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sooreh Hera, Salman Rushdie and the Danish cartoonist etc.

SIOE Nederland demands that the Dutch Government acts in the interest of the Dutch State and all who are living in it, embracing our freedom of expression and freedom of speech, our values etc. SIOE Nederland demands that the Dutch Government bookmarks islam as a facistic and terroristic ideology, forbids the manifesto the quran, their barracks (the mosques) to be closed down and the indoctrination institutes (the islamic schools) to be shut down.

If our Government is not capable of doing so, it should resign to make way for a Government what does respect our democracy and freedom.

Stop talking and act now!

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